PPE Labels

PPE Labels

Remind workers to wear PPE and help
protect themselves against hazards.

Personal protective equipment provides a safeguard between workers and hazards they encounter in the workplace. When PPE is properly worn, it can defend against illnesses and injuries, even in potentially fatal situations. Developed, reviewed, and updated PPE programs are an essential component to workplace safety. Use these PPE labels to remind workers that personal protective equipment is required and to indicate which equipment they need to wear for the situation.

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

Learn how to create an effective, compliant PPE program.

PPE made simple with LabelTac® printers

A LabelTac® printer makes it easy to remind your workers to wear proper PPE. With this printer, you can create all the labels you need and apply them both indoors and outdoors. Since they’re resistant to the elements and won’t smear or fade over time, you’ll have your labels for years and can help workers stay safe.

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PPE Labels

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