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Businesses must comply with OSHA's Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard for educating and informing workers about hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This standard covers chemical labeling, safety data sheets (SDSs), hazard classification, and training. HazCom was updated in 2012 to align with the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This means employers must follow new regulations for the information included on labels, the sections of safety data sheets, and more.

HazCom Label Hydrogen Peroxide HazCom Label Hydrogen Peroxide HazCom Label Hydrogen Peroxide
HazCom Guide

HazCom E-Book

Master the latest Hazard Communication standards and build your own HazCom plan.

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Improve facility safety with LabelTac® printers

Implementing a safety program requires lots of energy, time and money. Ordering pre-made labels can be time-consuming and costly, but there's another way. When you print your own labels in-house with a LabelTac® printer, you get the freedom to print exactly what you need. With the included LabelSuite™ software, you'll be able to design the label you need in minutes.

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GHS Labeling Guide Free Guide

This guide provides useful information regarding the Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) and Labeling of Chemicals, from labeling requirements to the standards adoption timeline.

NFPA Quick Guide Free Guide

A color-coded, quick-reference guide providing useful information regarding flammable, explosive, and dangerous substances. Having a handy guide helps in labeling and identifying substances, thus promoting safety.

GHS Pocket Guide Free Guide

Have a GHS reference guide at your fingertips with the business card sized, GHS Pocket Guide. This pocket-sized guide provides GHS pictorams, with a sample GHS label explaining each element on the label.

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HazCom Labeling

If your business needs assistance with HazCom, start by reading our free guide to HazCom labeling. Then take a look at the HazCom products below including industrial label printers for creating your own labels, custom HazCom labels, and educational materials for training employees and helping them follow HazCom requirements.

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HazCom Guide

Learn about HazCom labeling requirements and how to create these labels.

FREE guide from Creative Safety Supply covering HazCom basics, how to read safety data sheets and labels, and label creation guidelines.

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Hazcom Label Printers

HazCom Label Printers

Create your own HazCom labels in-house.

Print as made HazCom labels as you need with a LabelTac® printer. Choose from our selection of desktop and large-format printers and start making labels on demand. Included software gets you started with HazCom/GHS templates.

Blank Hazcom Label Supply

Blank HazCom Label Supplies

For use with LabelTac® industrial label printers

Print your own HazCom labels with blank HazCom label supply for LabelTac® printers. The pre-printed red diamonds can be filled with appropriate pictograms, and other required information can be printed to the right of the diamonds.

Custom Hazcom Labels

Custom HazCom Labels

Send us your SDSs, and we'll print labels for you.

A simple way to get HazCom labels, particularly if you don't need large amounts of labels. When you send us the required information about your chemicals, we'll arrange the information on labels and print them for you.

Hazcom Pictogram Stickers

HazCom Pictogram Stickers

Mark hazardous chemicals with standard pictograms.

Choose from 9 standard GHS pictograms, available as rolls of stickers. You can add these stickers to HazCom container labels as needed.

Hazcom Posters

HazCom Posters

Educate about HazCom basics.

Place posters in your facility to educate people about HazCom and GHS. Posters can also remind people about common pictograms and label components long after initial training.

HazCom Basics

OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard includes many components of safe chemical handling. These components are all related, and employees must understand each part of HazCom for a business to be compliant with the HazCom standard. This means workers must understand chemical classification, safety data sheets (formerly known as material safety data sheets, or MSDS), and chemical hazard labels.

HazCom Signs

Hazardous Chemical Classification

Because of the 2012 adoption of GHS by OSHA's HazCom, some chemicals may have new hazard classes. At most businesses, employees will need to understand the different classes of hazards so they can take proper precautions when handling chemicals.

Chemicals can be:

  • Physical Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Environmental Hazards

Each of these groups has further subclasses, and a chemical will belong to at least one of these. For example, a chemical that belongs to the physical hazard group could be an explosive and a gas under pressure (both are subclasses in the physical hazard group). A chemical that belongs to the health hazard group could be a skin irritant and a carcinogen.

These are all serious hazards, and when people understand the hazards posed by chemicals, they can behave appropriately.

Safety Data Sheets – SDS Requirements

Under previous versions of HazCom, employees could consult MSDSs to learn details about a hazardous chemical. These sheets were replaced by SDSs in 2012. The new SDSs are quite similar to MSDSs, but they have a structured, 16-section format that makes it easier to find the information you're looking for.

These 16 sections are: Identification, Hazard(s) Identification, Composition/Information on Ingredients, First-aid Measures, Fire-fighting Measures, Accidental Release Measures, Handling and Storage, Exposure Controls/Personal Protection, Physical and Chemical Properties, Stability and Reactivity, Toxicological Information, Ecological Information, Disposal Considerations, Transport Information, Regulatory Information, Other Information.

HazCom Label Parts

Parts of HazCom Labels

All chemicals shipped between businesses should have compliant HazCom labels on them, but businesses may also need to move chemicals to secondary containers within the workplace. When this is the case, it's necessary to add hazard communication labels to these containers. Hazardous chemical labels have six mandatory parts:

  • Manufacturer Contact Information
  • Product Name/Identifier
  • Signal Word
  • Hazard Pictograms
  • Precautionary/First Aid Statements
  • Hazard Statements

The labels can be formatted by a business to fit the space/containers it's working with, but these six pieces of information must be present on all labels.

HazCom labels can be ordered individually or printed in-house using an industrial label printer. When many labels are required, on-site labeling is often the best option.

HazCom Training

All the above written components make up the foundation of a HazCom program, but in addition HazCom training must take place. The goal of incorporating GHS into HazCom was to standardize labels and documents to make it easier to understand chemical hazards, but if people aren't educated about these new formats, the changes are not be nearly as effective. Plus, OSHA requires that employers train employees about HazCom.

To comply with OSHA, all employees should receive training about all parts of the company's HazCom program and they should have access to SDSs and other documentation in the workplace.

  • Custom GHS Labels

    Custom GHS Labels Labeling hazardous chemicals now requires complying with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). GHS is a newly implemented international system developed by the United Nations to make... More details

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  • GHS Pictograms & Labeling Pocket Guide

    GHS Labeling Basics GHS is the new standard, but many people are not yet familiar with the label layout and hazard pictograms. This GHS Pocket Guide includes each part of the new GHS label and a list of pictograms, along with their meaning. This is a... More details

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  • GHS Labels - Flammable 2"

    GHS Labels - Flammable – 2” x 2” Roll of 100 When it comes to hazardous labeling, GHS Labels are a critical component to the safety of employees because they convey important physical, health, and environmental hazards. The GHS Label -... More details

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  • GHS Labels - Irritant 2"

    GHS Labels - Irritant- 2” x 2” - Roll of 100 This GHS Label - Irritant- 2” x 2” - Roll of 100 expresses the message that the contents are hazardous and of an irritating nature. These types of irritants may be bothersome to the... More details

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  • GHS Labels 2" Toxic

    GHS Labels - Toxic – 2” x 2” - Roll of 100 Toxic substances are poisonous to any person, plant or animal. It is important for employees in the workplace to be informed about toxic substances so they are able to adequately protect... More details

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  • GHS Labels 2" Corrosive

    GHS Labels - Corrosive – 2” x 2”- Roll of 100 The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is the newest system of classifying and labeling chemicals adopted by OSHA. This system focuses primarily on providing more specific information... More details

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  • GHS Labels - Health Hazard 2"

    GHS Labels - Health Hazard - 2" x 2" - Roll of 100 OSHA's new hazard communication standard has incorporated the use of GHS pictogram labels. These labels are imperative to the safety and well-being of anyone who is around or handles such hazardous... More details

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  • LabelTac RTK Color Bar Labels

    LabelTac "Right-to-Know" (RTK) Color Bar Labels "Right-to-Know" (RTK) labels are formatted for high-readability and OSHA compliance. Hazardous materials classifications are clearly displayed with standardized colored graphics for "Health,"... More details

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  • GHS Labels 2" Oxidizers

    GHS Labels - Oxidizers – 2” x 2” - Roll of 100 GHS labels are an important part of any chemical safety and identification program. In order to effectively communicate the hazards related to certain chemical substances GHS labels should... More details

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  • GHS Labels 4" Toxic

    GHS Labels - Toxic – 4” x 4” - Roll of 100 When something is considered Toxic it basically means that substance is poisonous to any person, plant or animal. In order to stay in compliance with OSHA’s GHS labeling system, it is... More details

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  • GHS Labels - Irritant 4"

    GHS Labels - Irritant- 4” x 4” - Roll of 100 GHS Labels are a staple within nearly any business that house, manufacture, or use hazardous chemicals or substances. This GHS Label - Irritant- 4” x 4” - Roll of 100 conveys the... More details

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  • GHS Labels 2" Compressed Gas

    GHS Labels - Compressed Gas - Roll of 100 This roll of 100 GHS labels with the compressed gas pictogram on them are great for being able to quickly label any canister of compressed gas in the facility. There are many different situations where having... More details

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  • GHS Labels 4" Corrosive

    GHS Labels - Corrosive – 4” x 4”- Roll of 100 OHSA has adopted a new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) which focuses on classifying and labeling chemicals based upon their health and safety hazards. This system is beneficial because GHS... More details

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  • GHS Labels - Explosive 4"

    GHS Labels - Explosive – 4” x 4” - Roll of 100 The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is a newly implemented classification and labeling system used for identifying hazardous chemicals and substances. The GHS Labels - Explosive –... More details

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  • LabelTac® Pro X GHS Bundle

    LabelTac® Pro X GHS Bundle Tackle your GHS/HazCom labeling project with this LabelTac® Pro X GHS Bundle. It comes with all the tools you’ll need to start labeling right away: a LabelTac® Pro X industrial label printer, label... More details

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    LabelTac® Pro X GHS Bundle

  • GHS Labels 4" Oxidizers

    GHS Labels - Oxidizers – 4” x 4” - Roll of 100 When labeling hazardous chemicals, it is important to incorporate the use of GHS labels. GHS labels are a critical part of any chemical safety and identification program. GHS labels should... More details

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  • GHS Pictogram Labels - Roll of 100

    GHS Pictogram Labels - Roll of 100 GHS (Globally Harmonized System) is an internationally agreed-upon standard which uses pictograms and labels to warn users of the possible hazards while handling chemicals and substances in the workplace. Each label is... More details

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  • SpillTech Hazardous Labels 5 EA

    SpillTech Hazardous Labels 5 EAMark your hazardous chemicals and waste with durable adhesive Labels.Paper Labels with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Printed with light-fast inks for high durability. 4" x 4" Labels read: “Flammable Liquid,” “Flammable... More details

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