Lockout Tagout Labels

Lockout Tagout Labels

Keep machine operators safe
with Lockout/Tagout.

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) refers to the specific practices and procedures for safely de-energizing and re-energizing equipment when service or maintenance must be performed. OSHA estimates compliance with the LOTO standard prevents 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries annually. Yet lockout/tagout violations are still among the top ten most frequently cited by OSHA. Keep your employees safe, improve productivity, and cut costs by implementing a Lockout/Tagout safety program.

Free Lockout Tagout E-Book

Free Lockout Tagout E-Book

Avoid deadly injuries by preventing unintentional equipment startup.

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Lockout Tagout Boxes

Lockout Boxes

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) programs are very effective in deterring maintenance accidents, but only when the locks and tags are available and easy to locate. Lockout boxes help manage locks and tags so that they can be found easily and used properly.

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Lockout Tagout products

Lockout Tagout Equipment

An electrical safety program isn't complete without proper lockout/tagout equipment. Our lockout tagout products cover most mechanical and electrical applications. Find a durable, easy-to-use lockout device and avoid accidents.

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Lockout Tagout Kits

Lockout Kits

Lockout kits prevent such tragic accidents from happening by alerting workers through visual communication. Lockout kits are invaluable tools in protecting workers around energized equipment.

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Improve facility safety with LabelTac® printers

Implementing a safety program requires lots of energy, time and money. Ordering pre-made labels can be time-consuming and costly, but there’s another way. When you print your own labels in-house with a LabelTac® printer, you get the freedom to print exactly what you need. With the included LabelSuite™ software, you’ll be able to design the label you need in minutes.

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