Right to Know Labels

Right to Know Labels

Help employees identify
chemical hazards.

To improve chemical safety in the workplace, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires facilities to use hazard communication so that workers know what they’re working with. This grants them the proper information about the material they’re working around, and thus informs them of the hazards their jobs are subjecting them to so that they can take the proper safety precautions.

Right to know labels follow the GHS standard for identifying chemicals, which uses a hazard scale that shows workers the level of danger they’re working with. NFPA 704 Posters help workers understand the scale better. These posters are great to hang in break rooms, by time clocks, or any other highly visible area.

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Recognize hazard signs at a glance with a free chart of OSHA’s sign and label color scheme.

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