You must label pipes appropriately in your medical facility to guarantee safety and compliance. Below you’ll find labels for medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide. If there’s a specific label you need that you don’t see, get in touch and we can make a label for you. For facilities that will be doing a lot of custom labeling, consider using an industrial label printer to create your own labels in house. 

  • Nitrogen

    Summary Labeling your nitrogen pipes is an easy task with our tough, pre-made pipe marking labels. They are resistant to hot/cold temperatures, chemicals, water, greases, and other industrial hazards. Once applied, they last years, even in outdoor... More details

  • Oxygen

    Summary Need to label your oxygen pipes? Our pre-printed pipe marking labels make it easy to label all the pipes in your facility, including those containing oxygen. They are resistant to water and chemicals and last years, even... More details


  • Carbon Dioxide

    Pre-Printed Brine Pipe Marking Label Manufacturing facilities produce carbon dioxide through various chemical processes, and pipes containing carbon dioxide must be labeled. Our pre-printed carbon dioxide (CO2) pipe marking label clearly identifies the... More details

  • Nitrous Oxide

    Summary Medical facilities equipped with nitrous oxide and other medical/surgical gas lines need to have these pipes marked. Our pre-made pipe labels are a convenient and cost-effective solution for labeling these and other pipes in your facility... More details

  • Medical Air

    Summary These indoor/outdoor vinyl pipe markers make it easy to label your medical air lines. Arrow indicators make it easy to determine direction of flow, and the tough material means they will last for years, even outdoors. Features: Made from... More details

  • Medical Vacuum

    Summary Our pre-made pipe marking labels are designed to be a cost-effective solution for labeling your medical vaccum lines and other pipes in your facility. Simply use our guide below to figure out which size you need. To apply the label, just peel... More details

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