Laboratory Labels

Laboratory Labels

Establish safety and
consistency in your labs.

Like any other workplace, laboratories require organization and consistent labels to ensure safety. These labels should be resistant to water, oil, acid, and extreme temperatures in order to hold up to the unique environment. They also should bond well to a variety of materials and have a finished and professional look. Labels such as autoclave paper and other specialized laboratory supply are specifically designed to be used on bags, bottles, vials, test tubes, slides, and other laboratory equipment.

Free Cleanroom Labeling E-Book

Free Cleanroom Labeling E-Book

An overview of labeling in the sensitive, harsh environment of cleanrooms.

Laboratory labeling made simple with LabelTac® printers

Investing in a LabelTac® printer brings many benefits to your laboratory. LabelTac® labels stand up to extreme conditions and are resistant to water, chemicals, and oils. They won’t fade or smear over time, and you can create ones for test tubes and vials that are completely GHS compliant.

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