Tamper Proof Seals

Tamper Proof Seals

If your business involves ecommerce, good shipping practices include taking precautions to prevent fraud, theft, and tampering happening to orders. Tamper proof seals are an important tool in keeping orders intact. Security seals ensure any tampered seals are evident. 

Tamper-evident seals use simple but proven technology to protect you and your customers from undetected tampering. LabelTac® Tamper-Evident Destructive Supply works like this: once the seal has been broken, the seal cracks and fragments like dry paint. Once this fragmentation happens, the packaging supply cannot be reapplied to hide the evidence of tampering. Tamper proof tape supply comes in 1”,2”, 3”, or 4” widths, and has easy, peel-&-stick application.

For expensive products or confidential packages, tamper proof tape is the way to go.

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Free Label Samples

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  • SpillTech Tamperproof Seal Labels 6 EA

    SpillTech Tamperproof Seal Labels 6 EAApply this adhesive label to any spill kit to discourage tampering and remind you to restock absorbents. If workers open a sealed kit, this label breaks, alerting you that the kit has been opened and may no longer... More details

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  • LabelTac Tamper-Evident Void Supply

    LabelTac Tamper-Evident Void Supply Tamper-Evident Void Supply permanently records the word "VOID" clearly onto the label's adhesive for a lasting mark on the adhered surface. This prevents the label from being replaced without evidence of tampering... More details

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