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Wires and cables are now so common in workplaces that we often forget about the dangers that can happen around the electricity. Wire and cable management is crucial to protecting employees and visitors from electrocution, shock, and other energized hazards. LabelTac® Printable Cable Wraps make marking cables easy. Identifying and organizing cables and wires is crucial to electrical safety, and these wraps are legible and don’t wear easily. Strong wire and cable management helps facilities stay NFPA, OSHA, and ANSI compliant, and stay accident free.

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Learn how to manage wires and cables to improve electrical safety.

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Labeling made simple with LabelTac® printers

Create barcode labels with ease, thanks to LabelTac® printers. The LabelSuite™ software program comes presinstalled on every LabelTac® printer. With the ability to import .CSV databases, simply load your Excel sheet into the program and print your barcode labels. Building a barcoding system may feel daunting, but with LabelTac® it couldn’t be easier.

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Wire Marking Labels

  • Color Standard Cable Ties

    Color Standard Cable Ties These versatile and colorful nylon cable ties can be used in countless applications, such as cord and wire organization or overhead cable runs. The 50lb Standard color cable ties are designed with the lowest threading force of... More details

  • LabelTac Printable Cable Wraps

    LabelTac® Printable Cable Wraps LabelTac® Printable Cable Wraps make it easy to mark cables with legible, printed text. No more handwritten stickers that can be difficult to read or wear quickly. To use these wraps, print your text on the... More details

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Stainless Steel Cable Ties Ideal for indoor, outdoor, and underground applications, these stainless-steel cable ties offer reliable performance to meet all your organization and installation needs. These ties feature an advanced self-locking design for... More details

  • Halar Plenum Rated Cable Ties

    Halar Plenum Rated Cable Ties The incredibly durable Plenum Rated Cable Ties is the best choice for wire, cord, and cable organization. A commonly accepted solution for bundling qualified cables without conduit making these ties perfect for air handling... More details

  • Standard Cable Ties

    Standard Cable Ties These versatile nylon cable ties can be used in countless applications, such as cord and wire organization or overhead cable runs. Its One-piece construction is designed for consistent performance and reliability, and features the... More details

  • BlackUV Cable Ties

    BlackUV Cable Ties The Black UV resistant cable ties are incredibly versatile and will meet all your organization and installation needs. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these cable ties offer a greater resistance to damage cause by ultraviolet... More details


    Cable Length Meter   Measures copper and aluminum cables; covers the major wire gauges Automatic temperature compensation Reads in feet and meters Milliohm measurement capability Measures 15 to 30,000’ Wire size: 26 ga – 4/0... More details

  • Danger - Live Wire Overhead Label

    This label is an easy way to alert workers and guests of live wires above eye level. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high durability Chemical, water, and smear resistant Removable without leaving messy... More details

  • HelaWrap Convenience Pack

    HelaWrap Convenience Pack The Helawrap Convenience Pack is the quick and easy solution for any cable management system, where bulk quantity is not feasible. Use the Helawrap to easily bundle and protect cables and wires from abrasion, and create an... More details

  • LabelTac 6 Wire Wrap

    This product has been moved.  Please click here to visit the new page. LabelTac Printable Wire Wraps LabelTac® Printable Wire Wraps are designed for use with your LabelTac® 4 Pro, LabelTac® Pro X, or LabelTac® 6 printers... More details

  • Light Heavy Duty Cable Ties

    Light Heavy Duty Cable Ties These versatile heavy-duty cable ties can be used in countless applications, such as cord and wire organization or overhead cable runs. The Light Heavy-Duty Cable Ties are designed with the lowest threading force of any... More details

  • Metal Detectable Cable Ties

    Metal Detectable Cable Ties These metal injected ties allow identification by metal detectors, magnets, and x-ray inspections, making it not only useful for cable and cord organization, but food and pharmaceutical identification as well. This one-piece... More details

  • Steel Tension Tool

    Steel Tension Tool This Steel Tension Tool is ideal for tensioning and cutting off stainless steel cable ties. Its heavy-duty, two stage manual tensioning allows easy operation and is suitable for most application fields of stainless steel ties with... More details

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