NFPA Labeling

NFPA Labeling

Lend a hand to
emergency responders

One of the biggest ways that the NFPA improves workplace safety is by offering standard labeling that will let responders know what type of hazards are in the area. With fire hazards being one of the biggest hazards to workplace safety, companies that comply with NFPA standards are easier to protect for emergency responders, which can further improve safety. By following the codes and standards developed by the NFPA, workers and first responders can easily navigate the emergency safely and efficiently.

Free NFPA Quick Guide

Free NFPA Quick Guide

Keep your labels in compliance and protect your facility from fire hazards with this quick guide.


NFPA Labeling made simple with LabelTac® printers.

Print your own durable, indoor/outdoor NFPA labels in-house.

The LabelTac® family of industrial label printers makes creating NFPA labels easy, quick and hassle-free. With the included LabelSuite™ labeling software, visual communication has never been easier.

Printing your own NFPA 704 fire diamond labels is simple with the included templates and pre-printed die-cut NFPA label supply. LabelTac® labels are UV and chemical resistant and built to last in an industrial setting.

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LabelTac® Pro X GHS Bundle

Everything you'll need to start printing GHS labels: a LabelTac® Pro X Industrial Label Printer, LabelSuite™ label creation software, label supply, print ribbon, labels with preprinted GHS diamonds, and a helpful poster to reference while making your labels

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A guide to NFPA 704 / NFPA Fire Diamond Labeling

The FREE gude includes:

  • The National Fire Protection Association's 704 Standard in an easy-to-understand
  • The parts of the NFPA "fire diamond", including what the colors & numbers mean
  • Tips for how to create these signs/labels

NFPA Labels in Action

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Example image
Example image
Example image
Example image
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Example image
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For more NFPA information, please visit the NFPA Resource Center.


Free GHS Label Samples

Take the guesswork out of GHS compliance with LabelTac® label printers and the included LabelSuite Software.

When dealing with hazardous substances, GHS labels are absolutely necessary to ensure clear communication between employees as well as emergency responders in case of an accident. If you are looking to improve your facility's hazard communications through labeling, we'd be more than happy to send you a box of sample GHS labels. You'll be able to apply these GHS compliant labels to chemical containers in your facility and put LabelTac®'s well-known high quality and durable labels to the test.

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