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LabelTac® 9 Pipe Supply Bundle
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    LabelTac® 9 Pipe Supply Bundle

    Your all-in-one pipe labeling supply bundle for your LabelTac® 9 Industrial Labeling Printer. This bundle includes the most common label and ribbon colors, allowing you to create pipe marking labels for water lines, compressed air lines, pipes including flammable material, and more!

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    Thermal transfer printers work by using heat to transfer solid ink from the ribbon onto the label supply. As the ribbon passes through the print head and platen, the ink is bonded to the label supply (or other material) with heat and pressure, creating a permanent print.

    The use of heat to activate pigment is what makes thermal transfer printers unique from other printers. Since there are not many moving parts, thermal transfer printers are easier to maintain and tend to last longer. The labels they create are better able to withstand heat, weather, chemicals, water, and other harsh conditions.

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      LabelTac® 9 Pipe Supply Bundle

      LabelTac® 9 Pipe Supply Bundle