Gas Line Labels

Gas Line Labels

Improve efficiency
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For facilities that use gases, gas line labels are an essential ingredient for a successful safety program. This form of visual communication properly signals to employees, first responders, and visitors the contents of each pipe. Strong Pipe marking practices means facilities are safer and less likely to fall short of meeting OSHA or ASME/ANSI standards.

This selection of gas line labels covers a variety of gases facilities carry through their pipes: natural gas, 2 PSI natural gas, propane, low and high-pressure gases, etc. The pre-printed PSI labels make it clear what PSI of nature gas flows through each pipe—helpful information for anyone needing to tap into any pipe in the facility. These labels are resistant to smearing, smudging, water, chemicals, and UV exposure, and are available with both left and right-facing arrows.

Browse gas line labels below. Need a specialized label? No problem. We’re happy to customize labels, tags, and signs to fit your specifications. Give us a call: 866-777-1360!

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Free OSHA Label and Sign Chart

Recognize hazard signs at a glance with a free chart of OSHA’s sign and label color scheme.

  • 2 PSI Natural Gas

    2 PSI Natural Gas

  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

  • Create Custom Labels

    Create Custom Labels

  • 5 PSI Natural Gas

    5 PSI Natural Gas

  • High Pressure Gas

    High Pressure Gas

  • Propane Gas

    Propane Gas

  • Gas


  • Low Pressure Gas

    Low Pressure Gas


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