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Enhance your Lean foundation with Total Productive Maintenance.

Total Productive Maintenance is a Lean method for maintaining equipment. When you implement TPM, your productivity won’t be slowed down by sluggish or broken machinery. Instead, equipment operators maintain machines daily and take on more responsibility. With TPM labels, you can remind workers of the 8 pillars of the methodology and implement it alongside a 5S foundation to reduce waste and make your workplace as Lean as possible.

TPM Labels
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Incorporating Lean into your facility is easy when you have a LabelTac® printer. The TPM labels that this printer can create are highly durable and resistant to smears, chemicals, and water. You can apply your labels both outdoors and indoors, and you’ll have them for years. If you need a way to implement TPM in your workplace, LabelTac® can help you get started.

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