Potassium GHS Pipe Marking Labels

Potassium GHS Pipe Marking Labels

Compliant pipe markings with
signal words & hazard pictograms.

Potassium, you’ve heard that it’s in bananas probably, but have you heard that pure potassium is dangerous? Pure potassium is the chemical element that has the symbol “K” on the periodic table. It takes the form of a soft silvery-white metal that is incredibly flammable and reactive in certain environments. For that reason, it is important to label all containers and pipes that carry this hazardous substance.

Use Creative Safety Supply’s potassium GHS pipe marking labels to clearly distinguish this hazard from other chemicals. It can come in the form of many different compounds, each with their own dangers, so if there isn’t one available on our website feel free to call us at 1-886-777-1360 or send an email to info@creativesafetysupply.com. We’d be more than happy to help you with creating customized GHS pipe marking labels at no extra cost.

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Free Pipe Marking E-Book

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