Circuit Board Labels

Circuit Board Labels

Encourage electrical safety
and proper identification.

Circuit boards are an essential aspect to circuitry in a variety of devices and equipment. These boards connect different electrical components using pads, tracks, and other features, and are used in a wide amount of electrical products. Circuit board labels should be built to withstand harsh environments, as they aid in identifying equipment and are crucial to alerting users to electrostatic damage. Electrical products in your facility need appropriate circuit board labels.

Free Wire Marking E-Book

Free Wire Marking E-Book

Learn how to manage wires and cables and improve electrical safety in your facility.

Circuit boards made simple with LabelTac® printers

An in-house labeling system will ensure that workers have the information they need to handle electrical equipment correctly and safely. A LabelTac® printer enables you to create your own labels at your facility. You’ll be able to design the label you’d like and print out exactly what you need for your circuit boards, within a matter of minutes.

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Circuit Board Labels

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