Conduit Labels

Conduit Labels

Clearly identify electrical
hazards & electrical equipment.

Conduits are channels that transport water and other fluids. They may also be tubes that protect electric wiring. Since conduits are an integral aspect to piping systems, using conduit labels aids in pipe marking and organization. These labels not only indicate the contents of the tube, they also communicate hazards and warnings to workers. Remember: the number one goal in pipe marking is to incorporate visual reminders that keep workers safe. 

LabelTac® conduit labels stand out and are highly durable. Their colors are OSHA compliant, following the standards of red for danger/stop, and yellow for designating caution and potential hazards. Get started on making your pipe marking more organized and efficient by browsing our selection of conduit labels below.

Free Pipe Marking E-Book

Free Pipe Marking E-Book

19 pages of expert charts, regulatory information, tips, and more.

LabelTac® 4, LabelTac® Pro X, and LabelTac® 9 are on sale through the end of May.
  • Custom Printed Pipe Marking Labels

    Pipe marking labels are a must if you have any sort of pipe work within your facility. Not only will these special labels make the contents of pipes easier to identify, but they are required by OSHA to keep your workers safe from hazardous chemicals... More details

    Custom Printed Pipe Marking Labels

  • Fiber Optic

    Pre-Printed Fiber Optic Marking Labels Use durable identifying Fiber Optic markers to notify workers of electrical lines. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac® Industrial Label Printer. These pre-made pipe marking labels... More details

    Fiber Optic

  • High Voltage

    Pre-Printed High Voltage Marking Labels Warn personnel of high voltage equipment or pipes with this noticeable and durable High Voltage pre-printed pipe marking label. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac® Industrial Label... More details

    High Voltage

  • Electric Traced

    Pre-Printed Electric Traced Marking Labels Electric Tracing pipes helps keep water pipes cool during cold months. Keep these pipes identified with durable Electric Traced pipe marking labels. Our labels are printed with a... More details

    Electric Traced

  • Single Phase

    Pre-Printed Single Phase Marking Labels Clearly mark electrical lines, power lines, and more with our easily noticeable and tough Single Phase, pre-printed pipe marking labels. Our labels are printed with a professional-grade LabelTac®... More details

    Single Phase

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