Hi-Vis Jackets

Hi-Vis Jackets

Protective outerwear
to enhance visibility

When you’re working in low light or nighttime conditions, being visible is one of the most important ways to avoid injury on the job. In many cases, wearing a high viz or reflective jacket can be the difference between completing your job safely or suffering a preventable accident.

Don’t let visibility be a problem on your job site; invest in reflective clothing. These safety jackets feature reflective material and are in bright, vivid colors that ensure co-workers and vehicle operators are aware of your presence. Many of them have removable hoods and detachable sleeves, so investing in one jacket brings you protection for all seasons. You’ll also find fleece high visibility jackets and rain hi-vis jackets that help you brave the elements.

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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  • Hi-Vis Classic Raincoat 48

    Portwest UH445 Hi-Vis Raincoat

  • Portwest S365 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Premium Bomber Jacket
  • Portwest S768 5in1 HiVis Executive Jacket - Orange / Navy

    Portwest S768 5in1 HiVis Executive Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket, Yellow

    Portwest S463 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Contrast Rain Jacket
  • Hi-Vis Rain Jacket, Yellow

    Portwest UH440 Hi-Vis Rain Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Classic Bomber Jacket, Orange

    Portwest C466 Hi-Vis Classic Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Pilot Jacket, Orange

    Portwest PJ50 Hi-Vis Pilot Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Premium Bomber Jacket

    Portwest S364 Hi-Vis Premium Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Vis 7in1 Jacket, Yellow

    Portwest S427 Hi-Vis 7in1 Jacket

  • Bizflame Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

    Portwest S773 Bizflame Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Vis 2-Tone Fleece, Orange

    Portwest F301 Hi-Vis 2-Tone Fleece Jacket

  • Portwest FR41 Flame Resistant Hi-Vis Jacket

    Portwest FR41 Flame Resistant Hi-Vis Jacket

  • Lite Traffic Jacket, Yellow

    Portwest S160 Lite Traffic Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Value Bomber Jacket

    Portwest S363 Hi-Vis Value Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket, Orange

    Portwest S428 Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket, Orange

    Portwest S460 Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket

  • Portwest S490 Sealtex Ultra Jacket Lined

    Portwest S490 Sealtex Ultra Jacket Lined

  • Portwest S491 Sealtex Ultra Jacket

    Portwest S491 Sealtex Ultra Jacket

  • 3in1 Bomber Jacket, Yellow

    UC465 - Hi-Vis Contrast Bomber Jacket


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