Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats

Ease leg, foot, and
lower back pain for workers.

Standing all day on hard surfaces like cement is tougher than it looks. Doing so causes fatigue, which can lead to foot and limb disorders. Anti-fatigue mats combat the strain inflicted from long bouts of standing. Workers do better when they’re not experiencing discomfort, and employees have a responsibility to protect their workers from work-related injuries. Anti-fatigue mats go a long way in protecting bones and joints from wear.

These mats are designed for comfort and longevity, so they can endure the harsh conditions of warehouses, factories, and all other industrial environments. The Ergomat Classic is great for dry industrial workplaces and has a Cleanroom 5 rating. Its Ergonomic design prevents the usual injuries associated with extended standing.

Anti-fatigue mats are a great tool to minimize discomfort. Your workers will appreciate the new support they’ll get from these mats.

Free Safety Catalog

Free Safety Catalog

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  • Barefoot ESD Mats

    Barefoot ESD Mats

  • Solid Surface Barefoot Ergo Mat

    Barefoot Standard Ergonomical Mats

  • Ergomat Classic (Standard Ergonomic Work Mat)

    Ergomat Classic (Standard)

  • Ergomat Nitril Hygiene (ESD Control) Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril Hygiene

  • Ergomat Nitril Smooth (2' x 3' only)

    Ergomat Nitril Smooth (2' x 3' only)

  • Ergomat Nitril ESD Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril ESD

  • Ergomat Nitril ESD 2' x 3' work mat

    Ergomat Nitril ESD 2' x 3' only


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