Knee Pads

In intense, physically demanding workplaces, it’s imperative that workers take steps to protect themselves from injury and preserve their bodies from long-term effects. Knee pads both protect you from immediate injury and saves your knees from sustained damage. This personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed with ergonomics in mind to provide durability, comfort, and protection. Knee pads are great for professions like floor installation, plumbing, construction, automotive, manufacturing, and any other that requires workers to kneel for any sustained period of time.

Some construction knee pads come equipped with silicone gel stock, which act as shock absorbers for joints. This extra padding gives even more protection. We even have painters work pants with knee pads. 

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  • Portwest S810 Bolton Painters Bib

    Bolton Painters Bib S810. Made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton to provide good protection against paint spills. Features of this functional garment include a bib pocket with zip one large front pouch pocket knee pad hip and rule pockets elasticated back... More details

  • Portwest KP30 Super Gel-Filled Knee Pad

    Super Gel-Filled Kneepad KP30. A strong outer shell protects your knee from sharp objects while an inner silicone gel cushion acts as a shock absorber for your joints. The outer shell also features a traction based design to allow the user to move with... More details

  • Portwest KP20 Lightweight Knee Pad

    Lightweight Kneepad KP20. So lightweight you won't even know you are wearing it. Designed to wrap around your knee moulding to its shape using two lightweight well placed straps. A tough outer shell gives your knees protection against sharp objects and... More details

  • Portwest S817 Painters Pants

    Painters Trousers S817. Featuring the latest innovative design this modern painter's trouser has a layered thigh pocket for mobile phone and pens. Incorporating side knee pad hip and rule pockets it covers every need of a craftsman and is completed by an... More details

  • Portwest KP10 High Density Knee Pad

    High Density Kneepad KP10. It uses high density polyurethane which is strong enough and thick enough to both protect your knee and cushion it at the same time. Its ribbed design gives good stability. It also prevents water absorption making it ideal for... More details

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