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Portwest is a company that specializes in workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE). Portwest accessories have benefited workers in a wide variety of industries, including construction, welding, mining, and oil and gas. Their collection has kept people safe all around the world with durable, rugged material that withstands even the harshest conditions.

Creative Safety Supply is proud to partner with this high quality workwear company and offer Portwest accessories. Whether you need gloves, knee pads, knives and blades, ear plugs, or balaclavas, Portwest has made it and we have it ready to ship. Take a look below to get started.

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  • Portwest PA60 LED Rubber Flashlight

    Portwest PA60 LED Rubber Flashlight 7 LED Rubber Flashlight PA60. The 7 L.E.D light combines all the benefits of precise engineered L.E.D technology with a practical and versatile design. It has a rubberised finish for stronger grip and easier handling... More details

  • Portwest Classic Ear Muffs EN352

    Classic Ear Muffs EN352 PW40. Lightweight and robust the PW40 is suitable for all day comfort. Excellent attenuation rate. Classic design ear muff. Light and robust. Ideal for all day use. Excellent attenuation rate. Standards AS/NZS 1270 (SLC(80)... More details

  • Ultra Safety Cutter

    Ultra Safety Cutter KN10. Cleverly designed using zinc alloy with your safety in mind this knife for right-handed people has a spring-loaded blade retract system that responds to any uncontrolled hand movement. With an easy blade change this knife is a... More details

  • Portwest A690 18" Cut Resistant Sleeve

    18 Cut Resistant Sleeve A690. Maximum cut level 5 protective tubular sleeve offering cut and heat resistance for wrist and arm area. Thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable. Sold singly. 18 inch (45cm) cut resistant sleeve. Superior cut resistance... More details

  • Portwest PA50 LED Head Light

    LED Head Light PA50. Head Light with tilt control so you can aim the light where it is needed most. Ideal for keeping your hands free for work. New and improved brightness now with 8 LED's. The ideal utility head light. Brightness: 40 Lumens. Run time:... More details

  • ClipOn Ear Muffs EN352

    ClipOn Ear Muffs EN352 PW42. The protectors can be put into the stand off position. Compatible with PW50 PW51 PW57. Hard hat mounting ear muff. Easy to clip-on. Compatible with PS50 hard hats. Can be put in stand-off position for intermittent use More details

  • Portwest KP30 Super Gel-Filled Knee Pad

    Super Gel-Filled Kneepad KP30. A strong outer shell protects your knee from sharp objects while an inner silicone gel cushion acts as a shock absorber for your joints. The outer shell also features a traction based design to allow the user to move with... More details

  • Portwest KP20 Lightweight Knee Pad

    Lightweight Kneepad KP20. So lightweight you won't even know you are wearing it. Designed to wrap around your knee moulding to its shape using two lightweight well placed straps. A tough outer shell gives your knees protection against sharp objects and... More details

  • Portwest Super Ear Muffs EN352

    Super Ear Muffs EN352 PW41. Ultra lightweight for prolonged usage. Adjustable dual pin mounting system provides multiple positioning for better fit. Folds to palm size. Ultra light and compact ear muff. Folds to palm size for better carriage and to keep... More details

  • Portwest PA10 Helmet Holder

    Helmet Holder PA10. The helmet holder is a patented product designed to keep your helmet safe and secure. It contains high performance magnets for attaching to metal surfaces and screws to attach to timber and plaster board surfaces. Other features... More details

  • Portwest KN20 Pro Safety Cutter

    Pro Safety Cutter KN20. Made from zinc alloy for toughness and durability the Pro Safety Cutter is suitable for both right and left handed users. With a top blade control slider and an automatic blade retract system this knife has been designed to ensure... More details

  • Portwest PW58 Hard Hat Visor Carrier

    Visor Carrier PW58. Our visor holder is compatible with helmet styles PW50 PW51 and PW57. Versatile and safe this is a great addition to the PW Safety range. Compatible with Replacement Visor PW92/ PW94 / PW99. Universal hard hat visor holder. Compatible... More details

  • Portwest PA54 Tactical Flashlight

    Portwest PA54 Tactical Flashlight PW Tactical Flashlight PA54. Strong and durable precision engineered aluminium shell flashlight uses new CREE technology which is up to 10 times brighter than current L.E.D bulbs. Telescopic zoom allows focus from... More details

  • Portwest KN40 Retractable Safety Cutter

    Retractable Safety Cutter KN40. The latest super safety cutter featuring a blade that retracts when it loses contact with material being cut. Primarily for use in warehousing distribution or construction environments where knives are often used and... More details

  • Portwest KN18 Snap off Knife

    PW Snap-Off Knive KN18. Ergonomically designed with rubber grip makes this knife easy to hold and easy to use. A clamp down thumb dial controls blade movement for added safety. In addition the KN18 comes with 3 blades. The push button blade holder gives... More details

  • Portwest GL16 Touchscreen Knit Glove

    Touchscreen Glove GL16. This style gives great dexterity. The black acrylic knit outer is hardwearing whilst the grey acrylic with metalic component allows for precise movements on a touchscreen device. This style glove gives great dexterity for the... More details

  • Portwest FR09 Flame Resistant Balaclava

    FR Antistatic Balaclava FR09. This inherently flame resistant balaclava will retain its shape wear after wear. The high cotton content gives maximum comfort against the skin. The fabric is inherently anti-static and provides ARC2 protection against the... More details

  • Portwest EN352 Comfort Ear Muffs

    Comfort Ear Muffs EN352 PW43. This ear protector is constructed to be both durable and ultra lightweight. It has broad foam cushions high impact ABS cups (filled with sound absorbing foam) and comfort headband. Comfort and robust ear muff. Lightweight... More details

  • PW Dual Power Headlight

    PW Dual Power Headlight PA63. This powerful and reliable headlight utilises innovative technology to give you a bright compact and lightweight headlight. Brightness: 100 Lumens. Run time: 8 Hours. Batteries: Included AAA x 3. Function: High-Medium-Flash... More details

  • Portwest PA61 High Power Enforcer

    PW High Power Enforcer PA61. The ultimate in security torches the High Powered Enforcer delivers cutting edge high-powered CREE technology with a long run time and standard D size batteries for everyday use. Brightness: 800 Lumens. Run time: 40 Hours... More details

  • Portwest KP10 High Density Knee Pad

    High Density Kneepad KP10. It uses high density polyurethane which is strong enough and thick enough to both protect your knee and cushion it at the same time. Its ribbed design gives good stability. It also prevents water absorption making it ideal for... More details

  • Portwest KN30 Folding Utility Knife

    PW Foldable Utility Knife KN30. This lightweight utility knife offers an aluminium handle and a belt clip for added mobility. It features a quick-change blade mechanism saving time in demanding work conditions. Its one hand easy opening makes it... More details

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