Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Fire-related accidents can cause catastrophic damage and injury to your facility and staff. Fire safety practices help locate crucial safety gear like fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and hoses, and help people find their way to fire exits. In the event of a fire emergency, strong fire safety provides your business with the tools necessary to react quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Fire Safety is comprised of many components, but an easy way to start practicing fire safety is through visual communication. This Fire Alarm Station Do Not Block floor sign is designed to help locate fire alarms while instructing workers to keep area clear. It’s designed with bright colors and easy to read fonts, and its low-profile, industrial-strength material allows it to perform well against heavy foot and forklift traffic.

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Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs

Easily locate fire extinguishers, hoses, sprinklers, and exits.  

Make sure people can respond quickly to a fire by placing fire safety signs throughout your facility. These signs often include standard text, symbols, and colors (usually red and white) so they’re recognized immediately as fire safety signs

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Equip facilities with fire extinguishers that are strong enough to tamp out fires quick.  

Fires are one of the scariest and deadly accidents that occur in industrial settings. A high-quality fire extinguisher can be the difference between a close call and an operation-ending disaster.

Fire Extinguisher Signs

Fire Extinguisher Signs

Clearly identify the tools needed in case of a fire.  

Fire extinguisher signs include OSHA-compliant headings, signal words, and symbols to make these notifications easy to see and read. In the crucial first moments of an accident involving fire, these signs will help workers act quickly to avoid catastrophic damage and injuries.

Fire Diamonds

Fire Diamonds

Identify hazardous chemicals and assist emergency response workers.  

Fire diamond signs and labels indicate how hazardous materials are. The National Fire Protection Association established the standard known as NFPA 704, designed for emergency responders, to quickly and easily assess risk posed by hazardous substances.

Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame Resistant Clothing

Equip your workers with the right PPE.  

Flame resistant clothing meets the ARC 2 rating as defined by the NFPA 70E standard. Arc-flash and arc-blast accidents are some of the worst hazards within industrial environments. Having the right personal protective equipment that can protect against these dangers is essential to avoid catastrophic injury or death.

Fire Hose Signs

Fire Hose Signs

Easily locate the tools to fight a fire.  

Fire hose signs indicate areas that need to be kept clear in case of a fire. Keeping the areas, around hoses and fire hose connections, clear of obstructions allow workers and first responders to locate hoses quickly.

Fire Equipment Signs

Fire Equipment Signs

Visual communication when you need it most.  

In emergencies, fire equipment signs help workers locate extinguishers, reel hoses, and other tools for putting out fires in industrial environments. Keep your facility prepared and ready in case of a fire emergency.

No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Signs

Inform workers and visitors of where smoking is prohibited.  

Laws and regulations regarding smoking continue to tighten with every year; it’s important that businesses not only update their own policies. No Smoking signs help to keep smoke out of areas it doesn't belong.

Flammable Signs

Flammable Signs

Maintain safe and OSHA-compliant fire safety standards.  

When it comes to keeping businesses safe, flammable signs are crucial. In facilities that use chemicals and other materials that are fire hazards, flammable signs and labels inform workers, visitors, and first responders which areas contain what kind of hazards, and instruct them how to act accordingly.


  • Fire Exit - Keep Clear At All Times Floor Sign

    Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block Anywhere you have a fire extinguisher, it is smart to have one of these signs. Our Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block Signs warn people to keep fire safety areas clear and accessible. When fire safety equipment is easily... More details

  • Fire Extinguisher Inside Label

    Effectively label fire extinguishers in areas that are not necessarily designated fire extinguisher containers. Great for cabinets or doors. 4 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high durability Chemical,... More details

  • Fire Sprinkler Water

    Pipe Labels: Fire Sprinkler Water Industrial facilities can be dangerous, and pipe marking labels are needed to keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for pipes containing Fire Sprinkler Water. Our pre-printed Fire Sprinkler Water... More details

  • Sprinkler Fire

    Sprinkler Fire Pipe Labels These fire sprinkler labels will ensure people know what pipes contain. Printed using our top-selling LabelTac® Industrial Label Printers, these pre-made pipe marking labels make it easy and cost-effective to label... More details

  • Fire Exit - Keep Clear At All Times Floor Sign

    Fire Exit - Keep Clear At All Times Floor Sign These floor signs warn people not to put any objects, equipment, or vehicles in front of a fire exit. Made from a tough construction that is resistant to chemicals and water, these products are great... More details

  • Fire Damper

    Pipe Labels: Fire damper labels Industrial facilities can be dangerous, and pipe labels are needed to keep employees and maintenance personnel safe.  Our pre-printed Fire Damper labels quickly communicate what a pipe contains. Printed using our... More details

  • Fire Exit Arrow Floor Sign

    Fire Exit Arrow Floor Sign Great for any fire evacuation route, these floor exit arrow signs communicate directional information and can withstand forklift and equipment traffic. These signs are easy to install and will save you time and money, making... More details

  • Fire Protection Water

    Pipe Labels: Fire Protection Water Industrial facilities can be dangerous, but pipe marking labels can help keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for pipes that contain Fire Protection Water. Our pre-printed Fire Protection Water... More details

  • Fire/Smoke Damper

    Pipe Labels: Fire/Smoke Damper Industrial facilities can be hazardous places, and pipe marking labels are necessary to keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for the Fire/Smoke Damper pipes. Our pre-printed Fire/Smoke Damper... More details

  • Fire Sprinklers

    Pipe Labels: Fire Sprinklers Industrial facilities can be hazardous places, and proper pipe marking labels can help keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for Fire Sprinklers. Our pre-printed Fire Sprinklers labels quickly... More details

  • Floor Sign - Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher – Industrial Floor Sign This sign's new low-profile design is stronger than ever. The new design allows the floor sign to hold up against the harshest elements your workplace has including heavy foot and forklift traffic. Not to... More details

  • Fire Extinguisher Below

    Fire Extinguisher Below Quick access to a fire extinguisher can mean the difference between a small fire with minor damage and a large fire requiring extensive repairs. To inform all employees about where fire extinguishers are housed, make sure to... More details

  • Seriously On Fire Wall Sign

    FUNNY SIGNS :  SERIOUSLY - DO NOT SET YOURSELF ON FIRE For the Pyromaniacs out there!  Available in our industrial Peel and Stick version or mounted to Plastic Sign Stock. Features Very durable Indoor or Outdoor Custom signs... More details

  • Metal Extinguisher -  Floor Sign

    Metal Extinguisher -  Floor Sign   A fire prevention plan is absolutely necessary in order to prevent possible workplace fires. To improve your facilities plan, make sure your employees know where they can find available extinguishers if... More details

  • Fire Lane - No Parking - Wall Sign

    Fire Lane - No Parking - Wall Sign Help control traffic and keep fire access open with this Fire Lane sign.  This sign can make the difference at your facility. We create customized signs! Our team of professional sign designers will create a unique... More details

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