Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Durable Wheel Chocks
to improve vehicle safety.

Wheel Chocks are devices used to prevent unintentional movement of parked vehicles, such as semi-trucks, rail cars, and aircraft. They are specifically designed to immobilize the wheels of the vehicle and increase overall safety while loading, unloading, parking, or during maintenance operations.
Typically made of sturdy materials such as rubber, plastic, or metal, wheel chocks are shaped to fit snug against the tires. Depending on the task, the Wheel Chock could be placed just behind the back tires, or in front of as well as behind all of the vehicles tires. This prevents the wheels from moving while on an incline or when subjected to heavy wind or vibrations.
Browse our selection of durable wheel chocks below and start preventing unintentional vehicle rolling today! Pair your Wheel Chock order with a Wheel Chock safety sign to significantly improve the overall safety of vehicle operation.
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