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When catastrophe strikes, it’s imperative that facilities can respond with swift and decisive action. Emergency kits allow workers all the tools necessary for specific scenarios like acid, chemical, or other hazardous spills, fire incidents, or accidents that result in injury. In these frantic, often chaotic moments, response time is key; emergency kits enable you to act fast.

First aid kits provide all a person needs to handle small, non-critical injuries like minor bumps, cuts, and burns. Trucker spill kits was designed for flexible storage and has the hardy capabilities to handle fuel, oil, or hydraulic spills on the road. This kit comes with enough sorbent to handle up to 9.2 gallons of spill.
Accidents happen; make sure your facility is prepared.
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  • Truck Spill Kits

    Made With the Trucker’s Needs in Mind The trucker spill kit from SpillTech™ was built for flexible storage of sorbents and is designed based on the premise that many spills will take place outside of the confines of the truck (on the road... More details

    Trucker Spill Kit

  • 5 Gallon Image

    Sometimes good things really do come in small packages, and that's what you'll find with our 5-gallon spill kit. This 5-gallon kit is compact in size for easy handling and convenient storage, yet comes complete with a variety of the most requested spill... More details

    5-Gallon Spill Kit

  • HazMat Battery Acid Spill Kit Never take chances when it comes to battery acid cleanup. A battery acid spill requires immediate attention. Battery acid usually contains harsh sulphuric acid that can be highly corrosive and very dangerous to living... More details

    HazMat Battery Acid Spill Kit

  • Portable First Aid Kit This First Aid Kit provides a variety of supplies to immediately accommodate minor injuries and accidents. The clearly marked plastic case can be mounted on a wall, or carried to the location of an accident if necessary... More details

  • HazMat Emergency Spill Response Kit When a spill happens in the workplace, the key to safety is a quick cleanup. Spills are responsible for thousands of slip and fall accidents every year. In order to respond quickly and efficiently to a spill, it is... More details

  • First Aid Kit: Metal Case/ANSI Approved This First Aid Kit includes a variety of medical supplies, necessary to provide an immediate solution to minor workplace injuries and accidents. The medical supplies are stored and secured in a heavy duty metal... More details

  • PPE Spill Kit Contents

    Personal Protection Spill Kit  Make sure you’re prepared for spills in your facility with this personal protection spill kit. This kit contains all the PPE items needed to clean up a spill including: Boots Coveralls Gloves Goggles  An... More details

  • Fleet Spill Kit Our Fleet Spill Kit is the perfect choice for cleaning up spills quickly and effectively while out on the road. To be useful, a spill kit should contain a variety of spill cleanup solutions and be easily accessible. If a spill kit is in... More details

    Universal Fleet Spill Kit

  • First Aid Kit: 3-Shelf/ANSI Approved   Provide a quick solution to minor workplace accidents and injuries with this organized and stocked First Aid Kit. Measuring 15-3/4" x 16-3/4" x 5-5/8", this spacious steel cabinet provides organized storage... More details

  • Black Duffle Spill Kit

    Universal Black Duffle Spill Kit  Handle spills quickly, even when you’re on the go. This black duffle spill kit has all the sorbent materials you’ll need to clean up a spill including mats, socks, and pillows. This kit’s... More details

  • Camo Duffle Spill Kit Bag

    Universal Camo Duffle Spill Kit Take care of spills, even when you’re on the go. This duffle spill kit contains all the sorbents you’ll need to clean up a spill including pillows, socks, and mats. These sorbents can absorb up to 9.6 gallons... More details

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