Social Distancing Wall Signs

Social Distancing Wall Signs

Encourage everyone to
maintain a healthy distance.

Looking for products to help enforce social distance measures? These social distancing themed wall signs will help you to clearly identify where it is acceptable for people to stand in line to maintain a safe distance.

Creative Safety Supply offers numerous different designs as well as multiple different materials for wall signs. Some of those material options include adhesive, magnetic, static cling, and more. We have everything to help you create a safer and more communicative environment.

Signs to Stop the Spread of Covid-19

Each of these social distancing tools are made from resilient material that will last years before needing to be replaced. If you need to enforce social distancing practices in your workplace, invest in these helpful products today.

Social Distancing Signs for the Workplace, Retail, and Public Places

All establishments that have visitors, workers, or both, should seriously consider using these social distancing tools to keep their community and essential workers safe from contracting Covid-19. All our social distancing tools are incredibly versatile regarding what environment they can be placed in. In fact, you can use them anywhere!

Social Distancing Tools for the Healthcare Industry

Hand washing signs, social distancing signs, and Covid-19 testing signs are only a handful of categories Creative Safety Supply offers. These are especially helpful in busy healthcare facilities. Direct your patients on where to go to maximize efficiency and prevent any further spread of the illness.

Customizable Social Distancing Wall Signs

If you aren’t seeing any social distancing signs/decals that you like, feel free to contact us at 1-866-777-1360 or email us at to get started on a custom sign order. There is no extra cost for customization because we care about getting you exactly what you need during these unprecedented times.

Templates for Creating Your Own Covid-19 Signage

If you prefer to complete projects by yourself, why not consider a LabelTac® printer? These industrial grade label printers can print anything you need with the included free LabelSuiteTM software. Not only that, but labels made in-house will be a fraction of the price compared to pre-made labels!

Use Visual Communication to Slow Community Transmission of Covid-19

As social distancing becomes in the new normal, businesses have an important role in reminding everyone of healthy practices. Research proves messages are more effective when they are repeated, and someone needs to see a message between 7 and 20 times for it to stick. Use social distancing wall signs as visual cues and reminders for people to distance themselves from others! These signs encourage workers to wash their hands and proceed with caution. They also provide essential information to visitors, asking them to inform personnel and refrain from visiting if they are experiencing symptoms.

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Recommendations from the CDC and essential tools to help you implement social distancing practices in your facility.


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