Column Protectors

Column Protectors

Add protection to
your warehouse.

Made to withstand hits from vehicles and other industrial equipment, column protectors and rack guards are easy to install and come in bright, safety yellow. These patented safety products are made from durable materials such as polyethylene plastic and industrial foam, and they're designed to protect your work and storage areas from damaging forces.

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Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

Learn how to create an effective, compliant PPE program.

  • Knuffi Soft Edge Bumper Guards

    Knuffi Soft Edge Bumper Guards

  • Column Sentry - Column Protection

    Column Sentry - Column Protection

  • Rack Sentry - Rack Protectors

    Rack Sentry - Rack Protectors

  • Column Sentry Concrete Wrap - Column Protector

    Column Sentry Concrete Wrap - Column Protector

  • Corner Sentry 42" Tall - Corner Protector (4 Pack)
  • Standard Column Protector

    Standard Column Protector


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