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It can be difficult to manage property that involves private roads, sensitive equipment, or walking paths; bollards are the solution. So, what is a bollard?Bollards are a physical post used to protect sensitive property like machinery or restricted roads from possible accidents. Bollard posts limits access so that your property can stay free from unauthorized vehicles, and they’re built sturdy enough to absorb damage in the case of a collision.

We have both permanent and temporary bollard options. Bolt down bollards require no core drilling for easier and quicker installation, and our removable bollards make restricting access quick and hassle-free. These temporary access management tools allow flexibility in evolving worksites. Since Safety is considered the 6th S in Lean methodology, making sure your roadways are safe, protected, and restricted where they need to be should be a top priority.

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  • Removable Bollards

    Removable Bollards make allowing or restricting access quick and hassle-free. The embedment sleeve has a smooth, hinged lid that doesn’t protrude when closed. The lid can then be secured with a padlock to make sure the bollards stay in place. Made... More details

    Removable Bollards

  • Post Covers

      Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) UV and weather resistant Available in many colors Helps prevent property damage from vehicle and equipment collisions  Summary These high-density polyethylene (HDPE) post covers are... More details

    Post Covers

  • Bolt Down Bollards

    Easy to install - Save time! No core drilling required Sched. 40 construction Comes in bright "Safety Yellow" 1-year warranty Bolts and anchors may be added for an additional charge (+$9) Summary Whether you need a 4" or 6" O.D. bollard post,... More details

    Bolt Down Bollards

  • Removable Stainless Steel Bollards

    Removable Stainless Steel Bollards Quickly allow or restrict access with this 48" long schedule 40 stainless steel bollard. When installed, bollard is 36" tall above ground as 12" of the bollard fits into the sleeve. Stainless Steel embedment sleeve... More details

    Removable Stainless Steel Bollards

  • Dome Top Bollard Covers

    Dome Top Bollard Covers Maintenance-free bollard protection.  Improve the look of old and worn out bollards or add an extra layer of protection on new bollards.  Manufactured from .125" thick High Density Polyethylene, our bollard covers... More details

    Dome Top Bollard Covers

  • Bolt Down Bollard - Stainless Steel

    Bolt Down Bollard - Stainless Steel Protect sensitive property or machinery from possible vehicle collisions by adding these Bolt Down bollards. With a design that does not require any core drilling, installation is much simpler and faster with an... More details

    Bolt Down Bollard - Stainless Steel

  • Collapsible Bollard With Lock

    Collapsible Bollard With Lock The collapsible bollard is ideal for locations where the bollard must be raised or lowered frequently, or where it is preferred to bolt the mounting plate to a surface and attach the bollard to the plate.  The bollard... More details

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    Collapsible Bollard With Lock

  • Decorative Bollard Covers

    Decorative Bollard Covers Are your bollards unsightly? Or sticking out more than you'd like?  These Decorative Bollard Covers can help make your bollards a little more pleasing to look or at least blend into the surroundings a bit more.  Each... More details

    Decorative Bollard Covers

  • Mobile Bollard

    Mobile Bollard This Mobile Bollard is a durable and portable solution where bollards are required. Available in many colors to stand out or blend in with your facilities design. They can be used for vehicle traffic and as stanchions for foot traffic... More details

    Mobile Bollard

  • Flexible Post

    Flexible Post This is the end to bent posts at your facility!  The flexible base allows the post and/or sign to bend upon impact from a vehicle.  Installation is easy using the bolt in base, no special tools required!  Choose between a... More details

    Flexible Post

  • PERMALIGHT® Striped Reflective Bollard Divider

    PERMALIGHT® Striped Reflective Bollard Divider The PERMALIGHT® Striped Reflective Bollard Divider allows you to create a barrier, add visibility, or simply guide vehicles such as forklifts or customer cars away from hazardous areas. This... More details

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    PERMALIGHT® Striped Reflective Bollard Divider

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