Social Distancing Floor Signs

Social Distancing Floor Signs

Businesses have an essential role right now to protect the public by protecting the safety of their team and customers. As stores begin to open their doors and facilities are allowed to resume operation, businesses will still need to practice social distancing. In addition to adopting new policies, businesses can facilitate healthy distances with floor signs.  For maximum visibility, install floor signs at entrances and exits. In grocery stores, use floor signs at both end of the aisles and in checkout lines; for workplaces, put floor signs at the time clock, reception areas, and at workstations. It needs to be clear exactly how workers and visitors can keep a safe distance from each other in order to prevent the spread of disease.

These social distancing floor signs help you provide information in your facility and enforce social distancing recommendations. Not only do these signs show people where to stand, they also are essential reminders to wait until called forward and to practice distancing at all times.

Floor signs are made from a durable material that withstands foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and spills. Its low profile won’t cause customers to trip or vehicle wheels to become snagged. The essential messaging won’t smear or fade over time, ensuring your communication stays legible. By using social distancing floor signs with floor shapes, you can create a comprehensive floor marking system in your facility that will remind everyone to keep a safe distance.

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