Locate hazards with thermal
imaging cameras and sensors.

Undeniably the world’s leader in thermal imaging technology, FLIR’s products are relied upon by every branch of the United States military, law enforcement, firefighters, and maritime first responders for one very good reason: When lives are on the line, FLIR gets the job done. Period. If you’re looking for a reliable tool for hunting down invisible hot spots in your facility, FLIR is the name to trust.

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Free PPE E-Book

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  • Fair T1K

    Flir Infrared Camera (T1K)

  • Flir Aerial Utility Kit R (30 Hz)

    Flir Aerial Utility Kit R (30 Hz)

  • Flir Aerial Inspection Kit

    Flir Aerial Inspection Kit

  • Flir E8

    Flir Thermal Imaging Camera E8

  • Fair VS70-1

    Flir Videoscope and Camera VS70-1

  • Flir E6 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Flir E6 Infrared Camera

  • Flir DM284

    Flir Imaging Multimeter DM284

  • Flir C3

    Flir C3 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Flir C2 thermal Imaging Camera

    Flir Portable Thermal Camera - C2

  • Flir One Pro Infrared Attachment for Smartphone

    Flir One Pro Infrared Attachment for Smartphone

  • Flir TG165

    Flir Spot Thermal Camera TG165

  • Flir InfraRed Window IRW-3C

    Flir InfraRed Window IRW-3C

  • Fair DM90

    Flir Multimeter DM90

  • Flir VP50

    Flir VP50 Voltage Tester

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