Industrial settings are harsh and unforgiving, and it’s important for workers to protect themselves against these taxing conditions. Hearing protection combats the damage caused by being in such close proximity to loud machinery for a prolonged period of time.

Hearing protection comes in a variety of formats and sizes. Portwest’s ClipOn Ear Muffs protect ear drums and their clip-on feature makes them easy to mount on hard hats. Safety is paramount to a facility’s success, but safety doesn’t just cover accident-protection—safe facilities also take steps to ensure workers aren’t experiencing long-term injuries.

Strong hearing protection keeps workers safe and protected for years to come.

  • Portwest ClipOn Ear Muffs EN352

    ClipOn Ear Muffs EN352 PW42. The protectors can be put into the stand off position. Compatible with PW50 PW51 PW57. Hard hat mounting ear muff. Easy to clip-on. Compatible with PS50 hard hats. Can be put in stand-off position for intermittent use More details

  • Portwest EN352 Comfort Ear Muffs

    Comfort Ear Muffs EN352 PW43. This ear protector is constructed to be both durable and ultra lightweight. It has broad foam cushions high impact ABS cups (filled with sound absorbing foam) and comfort headband. Comfort and robust ear muff. Lightweight... More details

  • Portwest Super Ear Muffs EN352

    Super Ear Muffs EN352 PW41. Ultra lightweight for prolonged usage. Adjustable dual pin mounting system provides multiple positioning for better fit. Folds to palm size. Ultra light and compact ear muff. Folds to palm size for better carriage and to keep... More details

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