In most facilities, it’s vital to have a system to warn people of temporary hazards—wet floors, slippery surfaces, broken glass, etc.—to prevent accidents. Caution cones are universally recognized as a marker of danger; these tools will catch people’s attention and instruct them to proceed with caution. Since safety is often called the 6S in the 5S program, it’s important to make safety a top priority.

The 31” pop-up safety cone wet floor sign alerts pedestrians of the hazard ahead with its large, easy-to-read, multi-lingual message and symbol. Its sturdy three-leg base keeps the sign securely in place, and its collapsible design and hard-shell storage tube makes storage a breeze.

  • Four-Sided Caution Safety Cone

    Four-Sided Caution Safety Cone This 4-sided safety cone will warn staff and visitors of a wet floor and help prevent slips and falls. Its height and bright color will make it visible for up to 40 feet. Features Alerts co-workers and visitors alike to... More details

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