Sorbents were designed to face the biggest, dirtiest messes an industrial facility can make. The kind of messes that make you want to just turn around and pretend like you haven’t seen them. The kind of messes that make you want to just move to another building to avoid the cleanup. The kind of messes that can cause substantial and long-term damage to machinery if not handled quickly. When disaster strikes, sorbents save the day.

Sorbents come in variant of shapes and forms to combat a variety of messes. Heavyweight sorbent mats are thick, durable pads made to sop up oils, coolants, and solvents. Their heavy-weight material resist abrasions and tears. Sorbent socks are packed with polypropylene filling for maximum absorption that controls loose oil and repels water. Thanks to their filling material, sorbent socks won’t sink, no matter how saturated they get.

No matter your spill-cleaning needs, these sorbents can help get the job done.

  • • 15" x 19", 100 per pack • Absorbs 28.9 gal/pack MultiLaminate Mat Pads are long-lasting and durable. Outer layers of tough-skinned, HeavyWeight SpunBond material resist abrasions and tears — can withstand rough handling and won't tear... More details

  • Heavyweight Sorbent Mats We have the perfect solution to greasy and oily tool storage... Heavyweight Sorbent Mats! These mats are multifunctional and are useful in a variety of situations such as as liners for dirty tools or positioned as a drop cloth... More details

  • Loose Sorbent - Cellulose This cellulose loose sorbent is a top-rated, ultra-absorbent product that can clean up spills both large and small. It doesn't matter whether you are cleaning up oils, solvents, coolants, fuels, or antifreeze, our loose sorbent... More details

  • Sorbent Socks

    Sorbent Socks These sorbent socks pack a ton of absorbency power into a handy, compact, coiled sock. Our sorbent socks have been specifically designed to absorb and control loose oil and repel water. The strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin... More details

  • Heavyweight Sorbent Roll - Oil Only Are you looking for a durable sorbent product that can be easily transported and stored? The Heavyweight Sorbent Roll is the product you need. These multilaminate mat rolls are long-lasting and very durable for even... More details

  • Survivor Sorbent Roll - Universal This ultra-absorbent Survivor Sorbent Roll can do the jobs of three different spill cleanup products. Whether you are looking for an absorbent pad, sock, or roll, this survivor roll can transform to meet your needs... More details

  • Survivor Sorbent Roll - Oil Only The Survivor Sorbent Roll is a highly effective, versatile sorbent solution. Whether you are looking to use it as a roll, pad, or sock, this sorbent can handle most jobs with ease. This Survivor Sorbent Roll is a member... More details

  • Heavyweight Sorbent Roll - Universal The Heavyweight Sorbent Roll is a convenient option for cleaning up spills. This roll can go where you go and packs the high levels of sorbency you desire. Each multilaminate roll is long-lasting and features enhanced... More details

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