Steel Toe Shoes

Steel Toe Shoes

Work boots for industrial facilities
and construction sites.

In fast-paced, hazardous settings like construction sites or metal shops, it’s important that workers are protected—every part of them. Steel toe shoes help protect a vital, yet often overlooked, tool: your feet. While every facility should have safety programs in place to prevent injuries and accidents, steel toe shoes help combat injury and accidents even further.

Steel toe work boots are designed to be the ultimate combination of protection and comfort. Steel toe shoes like the Portwest Trekker shoe is built with breathable, strong, and flexible material, and contains a lightweight cushioned midsole to give wearers full support. Its puncture-resistant steel midsole and steel toe cap provides peace of mind, so your workers can work with confidence knowing their feet are protected. Below you will find some of the best steel toe boots on the market, even a pair of steel toe tennis shoes.

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Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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  • Portwest FW14 Steelite Steel Toe Protector Shoe
  • Portwest FW10 Steelite Steel Toe Protector Boot
  • ANSI Caution No Open Toed Shoes

    ANSI Caution No Open Toed Shoes

  • Portwest FW63 Steelite Steel Toe Trekker Boots

    Portwest FW63 Steelite Steel Toe Trekker Boots

  • Portwest FW69 Steelite Steel Toe Mustang Hiker Boot
  • Portwest FW57 Steelite Steel Toe All Weather Boot

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