DVD kits help your team continue to learn and progress. Training is the backbone to successful workers. It’s from training that employees learn how—and perhaps more importantly, how not to—do their duties, and expands their knowledge on the various topics of their field. On-the-job training is elemental to improving processes and adds to your workers’ arsenal of skills and talents. The foundational Lean method Kaizen states that workplaces should always strive for improvement at every turn; these DVD kits can help.
DVD kits cover a variety of topics and manufacturing tactics. Topics include: 5S methodology, Lean manufacturing, hygiene, hazard communication, and so much more.
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  • Lean Training System Complete DVD Pack

    Lean Training System Complete DVD Pack (36 titles) These narrated PowerPoint DVD presentations come from the modules in the Lean Training System, with 36 titles to choose from. They will help you carry out Lean training exercises and workshops with... More details

  • 5S Methodology Training DVD

    Is your workplace a mess? Tired of spending hours searching for the right tool? 5S methodology focuses on organizing and standardizing the workplace to increase efficiency and effectiveness. This training module will teach you all about its five... More details

  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety DVD

    Prepare your team to safely work with and around compressed gas cylinders. This training module raises awareness about common uses, types of compressed gas, potential hazards, and best practices for storage, transport, and installation of compressed gas... More details

  • Hazard Communication GHS DVD

    Many workplaces use hazardous chemicals. However, it’s not always easy to understand the labeling requirements for these chemicals. This product is designed to help reduce the learning curve. Based on: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 Hazard Communication... More details

  • Hand Washing and Hygiene DVD

    Food contamination leads to millions of illnesses and thousands of deaths each year in the United States. Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Hepatitis, and Norovirus are all transmitted through poor hand hygiene and may have deadly consequences. Knowing... More details

  • Overhead Crane Operational Safety DVD

    An overview of the industry-recognized safe operation of moving loads with floor-operated overhead industrial cranes. Help avoid injuries and accidents with this training course. Based on: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.179 – Overhead and Gantry Cranes American... More details

  • Heat Stress Causes DVD

    Heat stress can be a large concern in certain workplaces. Every year heat stress affects thousands of people, and some cases even result in death. This safety course provides the information you’ll need to prevent heat stroke in your workplace... More details

  • Hexavalent Chromium DVD

    Protect workers from increased risk of cancer due to exposure from this known human carcinogen. This training is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of hexavalent chromium exposure and acceptable exposure limits according to OSHA. Welders and... More details

  • Asbestos Awareness DVD

    This course provides an overview of the history of asbestos use, exposure limits, detection, prevention, and regulation. Dispel some common myths about asbestos by educating your team about asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and how to work safely... More details

  • Back Injury Prevention DVD

    Repeated lifting or moving heavy loads by hand may increase your risk of back injury. One million workers every year suffer from back injuries in the workplace, which accounts for 20% of all workplace injuries and costs companies billions of dollars in... More details

  • Combustible Dusts DVD

    Under the right conditions, many types of industrial dust, including coal, paper, and wood dust, can ignite and produce devastating damage. This course teaches the hazards of combustible dust via the Dust Fire and Explosion Pentagon. The DVD explains... More details

  • Emergency Action Plans DVD

    This DVD covers the importance of preparing action plans for unexpected emergencies, accidents, and evacuations in industrial workplaces. Using OSHA standards and industry-recognized best practices, this course is intended as an introduction or refresher... More details

  • Forklifts - Reducing Product Damage DVD

    This DVD covers common ways that forklift operators cause product damage in warehouses and recommended practices for avoiding this damage. It is meant to be used as an introductory or refresher course for forklift operators. This DVD includes links to... More details

  • Health and Safety Training Combo Set

    This set of 28 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) training DVDs from Convergence will help you train your employees on various safety subjects. Following OSHA, EPA, and other standards, each course will offer individualized safety and training... More details

  • Hearing Conservation DVD

    Protect one of your most valuable senses with a better understanding of the anatomy of the ear, how sound works, how the ear interprets sound, the effects of noise on hearing, and annual audiometric testing. Learn how to avoid occupational hearing loss... More details

  • Hot Work Permit DVD

    This DVD covers important information on the use of hot work permits for general industry. A hot work permit is a form of authorization from management that allows workers to perform hot work operations. This course provides an introduction to industry... More details

  • Hot Work Safety DVD

    Before welding, cutting, or brazing metal or performing other work that could potentially start a fire, workers involved should be properly trained on the fundamentals of hot work safety. This training DVD covers basic guidelines and best work practices... More details

  • Job Hazard Analysis DVD

    This course provides guidelines for performing a job hazard analysis (JHA) and why a JHA is a critical part of any safety program. This course provides the fundamental elements that are critical in establishing a safe workplace by discussing means of... More details

  • Line Breaking Safety DVD

    This course uses industry-recognized best practices and OSHA regulations. It explains the hazards and basic safe work procedures that should be considered when planning or working on a line break. Based on: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1025 This DVD includes links... More details

  • Overhead Crane Basics DVD

    This training module covers the basic components and functions of floor-operated overhead cranes used in industrial facilities, including the inspections of cranes and rigging components. Based on: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.179: Overhead and Gantry Cranes... More details

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention DVD

    Stay EPA-compliant and help take care of the environment. This course provides an overview of storm water pollution and the regulatory measures that help prevent it. Topics include housekeeping, pollution prevention, material management practices, spill... More details

  • Adult Learning DVD

    Everyone learns in a different way. That's why it's critical to understand the basics of adult learning when training employees. This course explains how people learn, describes specific principles of adult learning, and covers different learning styles... More details

  • Alert Driving DVD

    Being alert while driving can mean the difference between life and death; the difference is often just a few seconds. Learn how to observe, anticipate, and react to potentially hazardous conditions around you with this Alert Driving course. This course... More details

  • Compressed Air Fundamentals DVD

    Use this course to gain a better understanding of the benefits and uses of compressed air systems. This course discusses the types of compressors, including reciprocating, rotary screw, and centrifugal; the relationship between pressure, temperature and... More details

  • Conflict Management DVD

    Disagreements are inevitible when working in groups. Most disagreements may be relatively minor, but some can turn into much larger conflicts. If conflicts are not resolved, they can lead to long-term tension and unhappiness among employees. This course... More details

  • Conveyor Safety DVD

    Conveyors cause an average of 50 deaths in the U.S. each year. When used properly, conveyors reduce workloads, make production more efficient, and prevent injuries that result from carrying materials manually. This course will discuss the most common... More details

  • Crane and Hoist Rigging Safety DVD

    This DVD provides an overview of the primary rigging issues that affect crane and hoist safety. Workers will learn about materials used for rigging and slings, various sling hitches, and basic safety precautions. It is based on OSHA general industry and... More details

  • Driving Hazard Recognition DVD

    Keep drivers safe by providing them with the ability to spot potential hazards and stay out of harm's way. This course teaches techniques for negotiating intersections, checking blind spots, and avoiding erratic drivers, pedestrians, animals, and parked... More details

  • Driving Preparation DVD

    Be prepared for any trip with this training course. It provides the basics of vehicle maintenance, inspection, suggestions for route planning, and suggestions for emergency supplies that can help prevent a minor inconvenience from becoming a major... More details

  • Escape Respirators and SCSRs DVD

    This training is designed to prepare you and your team with working knowledge of escape respirators to keep smoke, fumes, or toxic gases from preventing access to safety in an emergency. This course describes the different types of escape respirators and... More details

  • First Aid - Snake Bites DVD

    First Aid - Snake Bites - DVD Bites from snakes of any type can be hazardous and require first aid. This is especially true with bites from poisonous snakes. This course focuses on first aid for bites from the four most common poisonous snakes in the... More details

  • First Aid- Stroke - DVD

    First Aid - Stroke - DVD A stroke is a serious medical issue requiring emergency medical assistance. This course explains some causes and types of strokes, lists common stroke symptoms, introduces the American Stroke Association’s F.A.S.T. method... More details

  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids DVD

    This course provides important information about flammable and combustible liquids found in a variety of industrial workplaces, including their potential hazards and instruction for labeling, storage, handling, and managing spills/waste. This course also... More details

  • Hydraulic Fluid Safety DVD

    This DVD covers basic guidelines and best safety practices for hydraulic equipment. From bottle jacks to forklifts and shop equipment, this course provides important information on the principles of hydraulic systems and the hazards they can present... More details

  • Lead-Based Paint Safety DVD

    This course is designed to help workers recognize and avoid the dangers of lead-based paint. It covers basic guidelines and best practices for working safely around lead-based paint. Lead-based paint is still present in many residential and commercial... More details

  • Machine Guarding DVD

    An introductory or refresher course for workers who are operating or working near industrial machinery. Based on: OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart O Topics covered: How machines commonly cause injuries How machine guarding helps reduce injuries The different... More details

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