Cold Stress

Cold Stress

Keep employees warm
in freezing temperatures.

Harsh environments can be as tough on workers as it is on the equipment they use to do their jobs. Snow, subzero temperatures, and strong windchills are clear examples of cold stress, but cold stress can occur when the weather is simply cold enough to effect the way you perform your job. Put simply, cold stress causes dangerous circumstances that can result in health emergencies and accidents for your team. To combat these winter-related hazards, cold stress products work to protect workers from cold-related dangers and keep them warm.

Cold stress products come in many forms. Head protection like the Ergodyne® winter liner helps workers retain heat, and the Ergodyne® balaclava with Hot Rox combats the damaging effects of cold weather. This advanced balaclava also helps control moisture to keep your face dry and warm.

Cold stress is dangerous; let these products help keep your team safe, warm, and protected. Shop cold stress products below!

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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  • Portwest A146 Arctic Winter Glove

    Portwest A146 Arctic Winter Glove

  • Insulated Knit Cap, Black

    Portwest B013 Knit Cap Insulatex Lined

  • Portwest S768 5in1 HiVis Executive Jacket - Orange / Navy

    Portwest S768 5in1 HiVis Executive Jacket

  • Fleece Hat Lined, Yellow

    Portwest HA10 Fleece Hat Insulatex Lined

  • Aran Fleece, Black

    Portwest F205 Aran Fleece

  • Portwest A145 Cold Grip Glove

    Portwest A145 Cold Grip Glove

  • Bizflame Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

    Portwest S773 Bizflame Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Vis 7in1 Jacket, Yellow

    Portwest S427 Hi-Vis 7in1 Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Pilot Jacket, Orange

    Portwest PJ50 Hi-Vis Pilot Jacket

  • Portwest GL13 Knit Glove Insulatex Lined

    Portwest GL13 Knit Glove Insulatex Lined

  • Softshell Jacket - Navy

    Portwest TK50 Softshell Jacket

  • Falkirk Bomber Jacket - Black

    Portwest S533 Falkirk Bomber Jacket

  • Classic Bodywarmer, Black

    Portwest S415 Classic Bodywarmer

  • City Fleece, Black

    Portwest F401 City Fleece

  • Argyll Heavy Fleece, Black

    Portwest F400 Argyll Heavy Fleece

  • Portwest B023 Reflective Trim Knit Hat Insulatex Lined

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