Flame Resistant Coveralls

Flame Resistant Coveralls

High-quality PPE
with thermal protection.

In environments that center around open flames, it’s important that workers have tough personal protective equipment designed to protect clothing from fire damage and workers from burns. Fire can be a great benefit in industrial settings, but it can also be a destructive and debilitating force. Flame-resistant coveralls ensure that workers can operate around fire and fire-powered tools safely.

Flame-resistant overalls come in a variety of styles that are designed to fit specific needs. Anti-static coveralls are designed with comfortable, lightweight fabric and are engineered to repel static. The flame-resistant reflective tape makes these coveralls highly visible.

No matter your needs, these flame-resistant coveralls are equipped to keep you comfortable, warm, and protected from hazards.

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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  • FR Antistatic Coverall, Navy
  • Bizflame 88/12 Coverall
  • Portwest BIZ1 Flame Resistant Coverall - Royal Blue

    Portwest BIZ1 Flame Resistant Coverall

  • Bizweld Iona Coverall, Navy

    Portwest BIZ5 Flame Resistant Iona Coverall

  • Bizweld Cargo Pants, Gray

    Portwest BZ31 Bizweld Cargo Pants

  • Kleenguard A65 Coverall - Flame Resistant

    KleenGuard A65 Coveralls - Flame Resistant


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