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Get your employees up to speed on safety with instructional training videos. These videos range in subject matter from first aid and fire extinguisher use to scaffolding and trenching safety. All are professionally produced and affordable for repeated training use.

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  • Safety Guidelines in Your Back Pocket Forklift Safety might seem basic, but so often standard safety practices are overlooked and accidents do occur. This Forklift Safety Pocket Guide provides helpful information to keep forklift drivers safe and... More details

  • Course Overview:Give your forklift safety a boost. This training course covers basic forklift operating procedures intended to increase safety and help prevent the most common forklift accidents. This course includes important information required by... More details

  • DVD's total 46 minutes long (28 minutes for training and 18 minutes for test) Covers OSHA mandated standards about working on energized machinery Tips and info to educate your workforce on safe practices Contains: Lockout Tag out for Affected Employees... More details

  • Lead Awareness Training Video

    This course will inform employees of the potential hazards of lead in the workplace DVD is 15 minutes (9 minutes for training and 6 minutes for test) Will help your company stay compliant with OSHA standards Summary Lead can be harmful to your health,... More details

  • This training video from Convergence tackles the safety issue of bloodborne pathogens and discusses different methods of transmission. This is an important issue in any line of work where an exposure to hazardous pathogens is possible. The 13-minute DVD... More details

  • Don't risk getting injured or damaging property while working overhead. This aerial work platform safety training DVD explains how to work in several types of work environments. This 12-minute long video gives a brief summary of safety regulations,... More details

  • Safety Guidelines in Your Back Pocket Pipe marking labels are an important part of safety in your facility. People must be able to quickly find out the contents of pipes, so they must understand how to read pipe marking labels. This Pipe Marking Pocket... More details

  •   18 Minute Video (11 min. training and 7 min. test) Help your employees comply with OSHA requirements Information that will help prevent on-the-job electrical injuries or damage   Electrical energy has the potential to injure people and... More details

  • Gives information about types of fire and how to use extinguishers. Helps your company stay compliant within OSHA Standards. 44-minute DVD (27 minutes of training and 17 minutes for test) Summary Fire extinguishers save lives everyday. They are tools... More details

  • Teaches employees to avoid dangerous injuries by using hand and power tool safety practices Helps ensure OSHA compliance 23-minute DVD (14 minutes training and 9 minutes for test) Summary Power tools and even hand tools can cause injury and death to... More details

  • Hydrogen sulfide is dangerous. Help employees anticipate a problem before it occurs. 13-minute video (8 minutes training and 5 minutes test) Stay OSHA compliant Summary H2S, or Hydrogen Sulfide, is a chemical that occurs naturally, and is also used in... More details

  • Employees will improve their ladder safety knowledge Your company will improve its OSHA compliance 29-minute run time (18 minutes of training and 11 minutes for test) Summary This DVD provides some of the best ladder safety training on the market. It... More details

  •   Trains your employees for proper fire safety preparedness Part of a solid OSHA compliance program 36-minute video (22 minutes training and 14 minute test) Fire damage and injuries sustained from fires can be averted or at least reduced with... More details

  • First Steps in All First Aid Situations Training DVD

    Educates your employees about applying first aid on the job site Helps your company stay OSHA compliant 32-minute DVD (20 minutes for training and 12 minutes for test) Summary It’s not always clear what to do in a situation that requires... More details

  • This training course will familiarize workers with the basics of lasers and how to work around them 24-minute DVD (15 minutes of training and 9 minutes for test) Follows OSHA Guidelines for laser safety and hazard assessment Summary This DVD is focused... More details

  • 40 Minutes (25 minute training, 15 minute test) Covers hazards, safe working and rescue procedures Helps your company remain OSHA compliant Convergence DVDs are some of the finest safety training videos on the market today, and this confined space... More details

  •   Give your employees a better understanding of the materials they work with Helps your company stay OSHA compliant 14-minute video (9 minutes training and 5 minutes test) Formaldehyde is a prevalent material in various manufacturing and... More details

  • Help your workers protect their hands with this training video Stay compliant with OSHA regulations 18-minute DVD (11 minutes training and 7 minutes test) Summary Hands are some of the most injured limbs in workplace accidents. Proper training prior to... More details

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