Modular Safety Flooring

Modular Safety Flooring

non-slip flooring.

Provide a safe non-slip surface in your facility with modular safety flooring! Modular flooring systems are easy to install, especially around corners or machines. The modular mats are easy to move, clean, and maintain, allowing you to customize your setup. Use these mats in kitchens, locker rooms, factories, and other areas at high-risk for slipping. Looking for an easy solution to prevent slips, trips, and falls? Safety mats are the way to go.

Modular safety mats are a simple and ideal solution for vehicles, pedestrians, and workstations. We offer mats made from 100% recycled non-porus PVC resistant to oils, acids, and extreme temperatures. Modular flooring systems contains multiple jigsaw tiles that can be snapped together without any tools. Choose the flooring system best for your workplace and finish the flooring with slip-resistant edges. Shop now!

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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  • Penny-Lok Edge

    Penny-Lok Edge This auxiliary product creates a ramped edge to the Penny-Lok Modular floor system. Available in both male and female to fit the edges of your layout. As well as black, yellow, or gray colors. Each edge piece is approx. .5" wide x 19.5"... More details

    Penny-Lok Edge

  • Penny-Lok - Modular Flooring System

    Penny-Lok - Modular Flooring System PennyLok is a molded slip-resistant modular surface that provides excellent durability and comfort.  With a unique puzzle design, these tiles are easy to put together and install without any additional fixtures... More details

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    Penny-Lok - Modular Flooring System

  • Herontile Slip-resistant Edge

    Herontile Slip-resistant Edge - Modular Flooring System This add-on item is a snap-on slip-resistant edge for the Herontile Modular Flooring System that is 2 3/4" W x 13" L x 5/8" H. More details

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    Herontile Slip-resistant Edge

  • Plastex-Grid Edge

    Plastex-Grid Edge - Modular Floor System Add-on item that adds a anodized aluminum edging to a Plastex Grid flooring layout. Each edging section is 2.75" wide x 6' 6" (2m) long. Screws and plugs are included. More details

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    Plastex-Grid Edge

  • Plastex-Lok - Modular Flooring System

    Plastex-Lok - Modular Flooring System Plastex-Lok is a hard-wearing tilling system that is a certified slip resistant surface and manufactured with 100% recycled material. The dimpled surface and raised construction make this an ideal flooring for work... More details

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    Plastex-Lok - Modular Flooring System

  • Plastex-Lok Edge

    Plastex-Lok Edge - Modular Flooring System Add-on item for the Plastex-Lok Modular Flooring System to add a ramped edge to the modular flooring. Requires a separate molded corner to join edges together in a continuous piece at 90 degree angles... More details

    Plastex-Lok Edge

  • Plastex-Lok Molded Corner

    Plastex-Lok Molded Corner - Modular Flooring System Add-on Product for the Plastex-Lok Modular Flooring System. Add a ramped corner, connecting pieces of ramped edging on your Plastex-Lok floor installation. Purchase 1 EA Corner for each intersection of... More details

    Plastex-Lok Molded Corner

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