Make employees more
comfortable at work.


  • Longest warranty on the market
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Backed by up to an 8 Year warranty
  • Cost per ship lowest on the market
  • Many different mats to fit your plant's needs

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ERGOMAT anti-fatigue mats were developed specifically to solve the problems of short-term fatigue and long-term injury associated with standing work positions. Our product line represents the most advanced technology for this purpose available in the marketplace today.

Free Safety Catalog

Free Safety Catalog

Facility marking, safety, and lean products.

  • Ergomat Classic (Standard Ergonomic Work Mat)

    Ergomat Classic (Standard)

  • Extreme Standing Mat

    Extreme Standing Mat

  • Aircraft Work Mat

    Aircraft Work Mat

  • Ergomat Nitril Hygiene (ESD Control) Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril Hygiene

  • ErgoKneel Handy Mat

    ErgoKneel Handy Mat

  • Ergomat Nitril Ergonomic Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril

  • Ergomat Nitril Smooth (2' x 3' only)

    Ergomat Nitril Smooth (2' x 3' only)

  • ErgoKneel Ground Blanket

    ErgoKneel Ground Blanket

  • Ergomat Nitril ESD Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril ESD

  • Ergomat Nitril ESD 2' x 3' work mat

    Ergomat Nitril ESD 2' x 3' only


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