Work Lights

Work Lights

Iluminate work areasD
in low-light conditions.

Work lights have your back when your duties pull you out of the normal workplace and into the field. Some settings like construction sites, road work, oil pipelines, and others don’t have the luxury of overhead lights. For these environments, work lights are a vital tool to ensure people can see what they’re do so they do the job correctly and safely. Work lights make it easier for employees to do their jobs in even the most remote, most challenging worksites.

Work lights come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and have different power options to suit your work needs. Some lights come battery powered, while others come equipped with long cords. Whatever your needs, these work lights will prove worthy.

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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  • Portwest PA50 LED Head Light

    Portwest PA50 LED Head Light

  • PW Inspection Torch

    Portwest PA65 Inspection Torch Flashlight

  • Global™ LED Single Work Light with Tripod

    Global™ LED Single Work Light with Tripod

  • PW Dual Power Headlight

    Portwest PA63 Dual Power Headlight


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