Columns and Post Protection

Columns and Post Protection

Protect your workplace
from accidental damage.

Keeping people away from hazards is one thing, but keeping vehicles out requires specialized equipment, such as the columns and post protection products that Creative Safety Supply provides. High visibility and unrivaled durability make these products the perfect protection for those rare moments when a vehicle collides with something it shouldn’t.

Column protectors were designed to be able to withstand impacts from industrial equipment and vehicles. These protectors are patented, durable, simple to install, and feature a bright yellow color that’s highly visible. 

Post protection is similar. These protection products prevent any poles or posts in your facility from suffering destruction. They’re also easy to install and are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Columns and post protection keeps your work and storage areas safe from damage. Take a look at our supplies, which are in stock and ready to ship.

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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    Column Sentry - Column Protection

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    Rack Sentry CONTOUR - Rack Protectors

  • Standard Column Protector

    Standard Column Protector


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