Ear Muffs

Effectively block
out sounds.

In loud, potentially damaging environments like factories, airfields, construction sites, and other industrial settings, protecting your workers’ hearing is of paramount importance. These jobs can have devastating long-term effect, but wearing protective ear muffs combats hearing loss and minimizes lasting damage.

Ear muffs are a type of hearing protection device designed to insulate ears from noisy environments so that workers can do their jobs effectively and safely. This kind of ear protection comes in a variety of styles and strengths to meet your needs. Some earmuffs are designed to mount on hard hats, where others come with a flexible headband; you can even find noise canceling ear muffs. They’re build with cushions for comfort, and protect your ears in noise levels up to 98 dBA. Help prevent hearing loss by providing workers with quality ear muffs.

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