Protective clothing for
inclement wet weather conditions.

Work isn’t like Little League—when it rains on the job, projects don’t get called on account of the weather. We still have to deadlines to meet and projects to complete. Rainwear makes it possible to get your work done efficiently and safely in harsh conditions. This gear performs well in extreme environments, which means your workers can stay protected and safe no matter what the weather’s doing. Shop our wide selection of light weight rain coats and high visibility raincoats. 

Rainwear is made by Portwest, a world leader in high-quality workwear that both meets international standards and provides maximum comfort. Rain jackets are equipped with sealed seams, vented back yokes, and pack-away, adjustable hoods. Portwest products are made with the best waterproof materials available, and have been designed to meet the needs of workers.

No one wants to work in the rain. When you have to, let this rainwear help.

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

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  • Portwest Rain Trousers, Navy

    Portwest S441 Classic Waterproof Rain Pants

  • Classic Rain Jacket, Black

    Portwest S440 Classic Rain Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Classic Raincoat 48

    Portwest UH445 Hi-Vis Raincoat

  • Portwest S768 5in1 HiVis Executive Jacket - Orange / Navy

    Portwest S768 5in1 HiVis Executive Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Contrast Rain Jacket
  • Hi-Vis Rain Jacket, Yellow

    Portwest UH440 Hi-Vis Rain Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Premium Bomber Jacket

    Portwest S364 Hi-Vis Premium Bomber Jacket

  • Perth Stormbeater Jacket

    Portwest S430 Perth Stormbeater Jacket

  • Portwest H441 Hi-Vis Waterproof Rain Pants

    Portwest H441 Hi-Vis Waterproof Rain Pants

  • Iona Lite Jacket, Black

    Portwest S433 Iona Lite Jacket

  • Iona Lite Bomber Jacket, Navy

    Portwest S434 Iona Lite Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket, Orange

    Portwest S460 Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket

  • Hi-Vis Traffic Trouser, Orange

    Portwest S480 Hi-Vis Traffic Pants

  • Iona Lite Trousers, Navy

    Portwest S481 Iona Visibility Pants

  • Contrast Coverall Lined, Orange

    Portwest S485 Hi-Vis Contrast Coverall Lined

  • Portwest S486 Hi-Vis 2-Tone Traffic Pants

    Portwest S486 Hi-Vis 2-Tone Traffic Pants

  • Contrast Bib and Brace, Orange

    Portwest S488 Hi-Vis Contrast Bib & Brace

  • Contrast Bib and Brace Lined

    Portwest S489 Contrast Bib & Brace

  • Portwest S490 Sealtex Ultra Jacket Lined

    Portwest S490 Sealtex Ultra Jacket Lined

  • Portwest S491 Sealtex Ultra Jacket

    Portwest S491 Sealtex Ultra Jacket

  • Orkney 3in1 Jacket

    Portwest S532 Orkney 3-in-1 Jacket

  • Portwest S562 Ripstop Parka - Black/Gray

    Portwest S562 Ripstop Waterproof Parka


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