Safety Cones

Safety Cones

Improve warehouse traffic
and alert drivers to hazards

For fast-paced, hazard-filled industrial environments, visual communication is a critical component of any successful safety program. Safety cones visual communicate hazards by drawing attention, then instructing workers what to do around certain hazards. Workers are often in a hurry; they don’t have the time to look careful and make sure they’re no slipping or other hazards in their path. Safety cones tell them how to avoid injury quickly and effectively.

Safety cones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats. Pop-up safety cone wet floor signs use OSHA-compliant signal words and symbols, and are printed in both English and Spanish. They fold up for easy storage.

Whatever your needs, this safety cones have your back. Browse our selection of safety cones below!

Free PPE E-Book

Free PPE E-Book

Learn how to create an effective, compliant PPE program.

  • 12” Orange Traffic Cone

    12” Orange Traffic Cone

  • Four-Sided Caution Safety Cone

    Four-Sided Caution Safety Cone

  • 18" Cone
  • 18" Cone
  • 18" Sport Traffic Cone

    18" Sport Traffic Cone

  • JBC™ 28" Yellow PVC Revolution Series Traffic Cone
  • Rubbermaid Pop-Up Safety Cone 9S00 - Caution - 20"

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