Lockout Kits

Lockout Kits

Everything you need to
isolate hazardous energy.

In industrial settings, no situation is more dangerous than when workers are performing maintenance or repair on equipment. Someone else can come along, power up the machine, and cause a grave or fatal accident. Lockout kits prevent such tragic accidents from happening by alerting workers through visual communication. It’s an employer’s responsibility to protect teams from hazards; lock out tag out kits are invaluable tools in protecting workers around energized equipment.

Lockout kits work simply: using lockout tagout devices placed over power switches (these switches are often built with lockable doors), workers are prevented from turning machines on. Threaded through the lock are brightly-colored, attaching-catching signs that instruct workers of lockout tagout procedures. With these simple to use lockout/tagout kits, you’ll be protecting your workers and facility from accidents.

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Free Lockout Tagout E-Book

Free Lockout Tagout E-Book

Avoid deadly injuries by preventing unintentional equipment startup.

  • 120/277V Breaker Lockout Pouch with Padlocks & Tags
  • ABUS Lockout Station

    ABUS Lockout Station

  • ABUS K915 Deluxe Lockout Bag Kit

    ABUS K915 Deluxe Lockout Bag Kit

  • ABUS K900 Basic Lockout Pouch Kit

    ABUS K900 Basic Lockout Pouch Kit

  • Prinzing Bilingual Safety Lockout Center
  • Brady's Ready Access Lockout Station

    Ready Access Lockout Station

  • Lockout Toolbox Industrial Safety Supplies

    Lockout Toolbox

  • ABUS K905 Standard Lockout Pouch Valve Kit

    ABUS K905 Standard Lockout Pouch Valve Kit

  • Lockout Satchel Industrial and Safety Supplies

    Lockout Satchel


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