Social Distancing Elevator Signs

Social distancing is a new public health practice that can be difficult to incorporate into every aspect of our daily routines. In some situations, it’s hard to avoid contact and keep a safe distance—particularly in confined spaces such as elevators. Since many people use elevators in their workplaces, a few general rules of social distancing etiquette are emerging; face away from other people, and give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go, because you may have to wait for an elevator that’s less crowded. 

If you have an elevator in your workplace, social distancing elevator signs help you remind people to keep their distance and practice social distancing at all times. These signs designate spacing and show people where they can safely stand. Made from durable material that withstands foot traffic and water spills, the signs are designed to last for years even in a high traffic environment. To make sure your workers safely use elevators in your facility, invest in these social distancing elevator signs today.  

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Recommendations from the CDC and essential tools to help you implement social distancing practices in your facility.

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