Social Distancing A-Frame Signs

Social Distancing A-Frame Signs

Enforce healthy
distances anywhere.

As people begin to go back to work and re-enter public spaces, businesses have a duty to keep the workplace clean and virus free. In addition to increasing the number of scheduled cleanings and implementing a new sanitization protocol, workplaces can use temporary signage to maintain healthy practices and promote a culture of good hygiene.

A-frame signs provide essential information to visitors and customers, ensuring that everyone does their part to prevent the spread of viruses. They can be put up and taken down as needed, making them an excellent visual tool to post at the entrances to your facility so visitors receive information right away.

In order to help prevent the spread of disease and illness, it’s essential to practice social distancing in the workplace. Social distancing a-frame signs remind both visitors and workers to keep six feet of distance from others. They can also be easily moved to different areas, allowing you to post signage wherever communication is needed the most. If you need to implement reminders in your workplace, invest in these social distancing a-frame signs today.  

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Recommendations from the CDC and essential tools to help you implement social distancing practices in your facility.


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