It’s no great secret: industrial jobs are tough on hands. Intense conditions like cold weather or high heat can chap or burn, and working around tough, sometimes volatile material can cut, scrape, or otherwise damage skin. Hand protection provides coverage for these invaluable appendages and allow workers to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Hand protection comes in a variety of styles and strengths to fit a user’s needs. Arc flash-rated glove kits are designed to provide protection from electric shocks and other energy-related accidents. Antistatic fingertip gloves are designed to repel static, so these gloves are perfect for electronics assembly, cleanroom work, and other sensitive settings. Fingertips are dipped for precision and maximum ventilation.

Need hand protection? These products have you covered.

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  • Hi-Vis Grip Glove A340. Using the latest Latex Foam technology the A340 offers the highest level of comfort with excellent grip in wet and dry environments. Highest levels of comfort from foam technology. Latex foam coating for excellent grip in wet and... More details

  • Liquid Pro Glove AP80. Featuring the latest innovation in double coating technology the Liquid Pro offers maximum liquid protection. The smooth latex is fully coated before a second latex foam palm dip is applied this process ensures maximum and superior... More details

  • Fortis Grip Glove A150. The Fortis Grip Glove offers the necessary hand protection with both comfort and grip at an affordable price. Very competitive price. Environmentally friendly recycled yarns. Crinkle latex grip offers excellent grip. Palm dipped... More details

  • Dermiflex Glove A350. Super light 15g nylon and elastane liner dipped with soft nitrile foam and PU for the ultimate in comfort dexterity and sensitivity. Protects against oil in warm humid conditions. Maximum dexterity. Protects against oil in warm and... More details

  • Polka Dot Glove A110. By combining enhanced grip with excellent dexterity the Polka Dot Glove performs well in dry conditions. Seamless 13 gauge knitted liner with PVC dotted palm. Performs well in dry conditions. PVC dotted palm for enhanced grip... More details

  • Portwest A140 Thermal Grip Glove, Orange/Black

    Thermal Grip Glove A140. The Thermal Grip Glove is perfect for construction transportation refuse collection maintenance and local authority work. This glove has a warm acrylic 10 gauge liner and is ideal for more heavy duty outdoor tasks or those people... More details

  • Arctic Winter Glove A146. The latest development in hand protection. Twin liner traps in heat with a 3/4 dipping to keep hands dry. Soft nitrile foam dipping offers full protection to the fingers. Open back for breathability. Specially designed for use... More details

  • Dermiflex Ultra Glove A352. Coated glove for added protection to the back of the hand. Seamless breathable knitted liner for comfort and dexterity. Maximum dexterity. Superb abrasion and tear resistance. PU/Nitrile blended foam coating for excellent grip... More details

  • Class 2 Glove Kit

    Arc Flash Glove Kits Electrical shocks can happen if you don't protect your hands. These kits includes two pairs of gloves that can be used for arc flash protection. Features Protects against arc flash Each kit comes with 1 pair of rubber gloves,... More details

  • Dexti-Grip Glove A320. For precise operations requiring maximum dexterity. Dexti-Grip is the number one choice for general assembly work and precision parts handling where surface oil is present. Breathable seamless liner offers maximum dexterity and a... More details

  • arc flash 100 cal ArcGuard Gloves (18")

    100 cal ArcGuard Gloves (18") Employees should wear these gloves for protection against arc flash when working around electrical panels and transformers. Compliant to level 4 with the proven protection of NOMEX and KEVLAR.  Features 7-layer... More details

  • PVC Knitwrist A400. A best seller the red PVC fully dipped working glove with knitted wrist and cotton interlock lining has a smooth finish with excellent abrasion resistance. Extremely flexible PVC. Fully REACH compliant PVC coating. Fully coated for... More details

  • Glove Inflator Kit

    Glove Inflator Kit Electrical shocks can happen even if you're wearing insulated gloves because a tiny hole in the gloves can allow the electrical current to flow past the insulation. Therefore, gloves should be inspected before each use, and this kit... More details

  • 37 Cal ArcGuard Arc Flash Protective Gloves (14")

    65 cal ArcGuard Gloves (14") Employees should wear these gloves as protection against arc flash when working around electrical panels and transformers. Compliant to NFPA 70E, HRC3 with the proven protection of NOMEX and KEVLAR.  Features 3-layer... More details

  • Long High Voltage Rubber Work Gloves

    Long High Voltage Rubber Work Gloves Rubber Insulating Gloves are a crucial piece of personal protective equipment for electrical workers. Gloves combine high dielectric and physical strength with flexibility and durability. Gloves are made of Type I... More details

  • Tradesman Glove

    Tradesman Glove A710. Designed and created with heavy duty protection in mind the Tradesman offers a high level of comfort when working. Built in sweat wipe knuckle padding and reinforcement stitching on the palms fingers and thumbs. Hi-Vis fabric and... More details

  • Canadian Rigger Glove A210. One of the best selling leather gloves cow split leather rigger with patch palm and vein protection. Cotton backing increases comfort and ventilation. Patch palm and vein protection. Cow split leather rigger. Knuckle back... More details

  • Anti-Vibration Glove A790. Specially designed to reduce the effects of impact and vibration. Excellent levels of comfort and dexterity when using powertools jack hammers concrete breakers etc. Specially designed to reduce the effects of vibration. For... More details

  • Touchscreen Glove GL16. This style gives great dexterity. The black acrylic knit outer is hardwearing whilst the grey acrylic with metalic component allows for precise movements on a touchscreen device. This style glove gives great dexterity for the... More details

  • Cold Grip A145. Specially designed for use in cold conditions. The crinkled latex finish offers excellent grip and the warm acrylic 7 gauge liner offers protection against cold hazards in extreme conditions. Fully dipped thumb for increased coverage... More details

  • Oves Driver Glove A260. A Classic this leather driver is made from sheep skin one of the softest and strongest leathers available on the market. The breathable leather is great for use in mild and hot climates preventing the hands from overheating... More details

  • Classic Driver Glove A270. The "Classic" is a tough hard wearing glove made from premium full grain cow leather which provides a longer lasting glove with increased puncture resistance properties. Classic leather driver. Premium full grain cow leather... More details

  • Lined Driver Glove A271. Premium quality lined leather drivers glove with Insulatex lining for added warmth and comfort. Lined with Insulatex for cold conditions. Classic leather driver. Premium full grain cow leather. Breathable leather for use in mild... More details

  • Safety Impact Glove A724. Maximum impact protection using TPR pod technology. Available in a lined (A725) and unlined (A724) version for all climates. Oil and water resistant. PVC dotted palm for enhanced grip. Highly durable synthetic leather with... More details

  • Powertool Pro Glove

    Powertool Pro Glove A740. Combining comfort durability impact resistance and stylish design the Powertool Pro is ideal for tradesmen working with powertools and small components. Thumb. middle and index finger tips left open for precision handling... More details

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