Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic Products

Stress and fatigue are two of the major contributors to decreased employee productivity and increased disability. Help your workers feel better and improve quality by buying them ergonomically-designed work tables and chairs, and anti-fatigue mats for them to stand on.

Studies have shown that when employees feel better, quality and attitude also improve, so feel free to browse our wide selection of ergonomic, anti-fatigue and industrial supplies at Creative Safety Supply. Start creating an ergonomic workspace today!

  • Barefoot ESD Mats

    Barefoot ESD Mats  - Custom sizes available* Barefoot is not just an anti-fatigue mat, not just an ergonomic mat, or ergo mat, but a highly effective safety mat that provides exceptional comfort for people who stand. While most floor mats are made... More details

  • Drain Thru Barefoot Nitrile - Oil Resistant Ergonomical Mat

    Barefoot Flooring - Nitrile Grade Matting - Oil Resistant Barefoot mats are known to be incredible anti-fatigue, ergonomic mats  They are safety mats that provide exceptional comfort to people who stand for long periods of time.  Our Nitrile... More details

  • Ergomat Classic (Standard Ergonomic Work Mat)

    Ergomat Classic (Standard Ergonomic Work Mat)  This anti-static ergonomic mat is great for dry work environments and offers a Cleanroom Class 5 (100) rating.  Available in Charcoal color. The Ergomat Classic is made of pure polyurethane and... More details

  • Portwest KP30 Super Gel-Filled Knee Pad

    Super Gel-Filled Kneepad KP30. A strong outer shell protects your knee from sharp objects while an inner silicone gel cushion acts as a shock absorber for your joints. The outer shell also features a traction based design to allow the user to move with... More details

  • Portwest KP20 Lightweight Knee Pad

    Lightweight Kneepad KP20. So lightweight you won't even know you are wearing it. Designed to wrap around your knee moulding to its shape using two lightweight well placed straps. A tough outer shell gives your knees protection against sharp objects and... More details

  • Ergomat Nitril Hygiene (ESD Control) Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril Hygiene (ESD Control) Work Mat  These ergonomic mats are wonderful additions to any food industry or laboratory facility because they are specifically designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. The Ergomat... More details

  • Ergomat Nitril Ergonomic Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril Ergonomic Work Mat This ergonomic mat is designed for working environments where resistance to chemicals, oil, and heat are needed.  This material can be autoclaved (steam-treated), and is easy to clean. The Ergomat Nitril is made... More details

  • Ergomat Nitril Smooth (2' x 3' only)

    Ergomat Classic (Nitril Smooth) Ergonomic Work Mat An anti-static mat that is ideal for dry and non-abrasive areas and where static electricity is present. Perfect for assembly and picking lines. Cleanroom Class 5 (100)Color: Dark Charcoal Warranty: 8... More details

  • Portwest KP10 High Density Knee Pad

    High Density Kneepad KP10. It uses high density polyurethane which is strong enough and thick enough to both protect your knee and cushion it at the same time. Its ribbed design gives good stability. It also prevents water absorption making it ideal for... More details

  • Ergomat Nitril ESD Work Mat

    Ergomat Nitril ESD Work Mat This ergonomic mat is the kind of ergonomic Electrostatic desicharge control mat for use in the electronics industry or around sensitive equipment.  We also have a version of this mat that is conductinve, and another... More details

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