Mop-Friendly Traction Tape - Black

Mop-Friendly Traction Tape - Black

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    Mop-Friendly Traction Tape for Floor Marking

    • Special coating prevents grit from catching mop fibers
    • Easy to apply to almost any surface
    • Aggressive adhesive provides strong, waterproof bond
    • Chemical and oil resistant
    • Suitable for marine and boating applications

    Use Mop-Friendly Traction Tape in locations that are frequently mopped or where water is often present. This tape is ideal for use in industrial settings, for marine and boating applications, on pool decks, in locker rooms, and more. Mop-Friendly Traction tape has an aggressive acrylic adhesive system that will bond to almost any clean, dry surface and remain waterproof. It’s also resistant to oil and chemicals, so you won’t need to worry about spills damaging your tape.


    Mop Friendly Traction Tape

    Special, Mop-Friendly Coating

    Mops won’t get caught on Mop-Friendly Traction Tape’s grit.

    Mop Friendly Traction Tape water resistant

    Water Resistant

    This tape holds up to wet conditions - including marine applications - without a problem.

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      Mop-Friendly Traction Tape - Black

      Mop-Friendly Traction Tape - Black