Error correction level

Error correction capability allows to successfully scan a QR Code even if the symbol is dirty or damaged. Four levels are available to choose according to the operating environment.

Higher levels offer a better error resistance but reduce the symbol's capacity.

If the chances that the QR Code symbol may be corrupted are low (for example if it is showed through a monitor) is possible to safely use a low error level such as Low or Medium.

Possible levels are shown below:

Level Error resistance
L (Low) ~7%
M (Medium) ~15%
Q (Quartile) ~25%
H (High) ~30%

The percentage indicates the maximum amount of damaged surface after which the symbol becomes unreadable.

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Custom Printed QR Code Labels

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Custom Printed QR Code Labels

QR codes provide a wealth of information contained in a small black and white patterned square. These kinds of codes can be found anywhere from packages for tracking purposes to labeling inventory in warehouses.

All QR code labels are produced using high quality ink that is abrasion, chemical, and UV resistant and printed onto our outdoor Labeltac vinyl, designed to hold up to the harshest environments and provides years of service.

Do you use QR codes frequently? Print QR code labels on-site using a LabelTac® printer with our free and easy to use Labelsuite™ software. The same durable materials offered above are available in convenient rolls for printing QR code labels on demand.

We have the ability to manufacture QR code labels in many different materials, colors, and formats beyond what is available online if you aren’t seeing the materials you need here. Contact us today to discuss your QR code project with a labeling specialist.

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    Custom Printed QR Code Labels

    Custom Printed QR Code Labels