No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Signs

Discourage smoking and the use of
tobacco products on your property.

Laws and regulations regarding smoking continue to tighten every year; it’s important that businesses not only update their own smoking policy, but also accurately post no smoking signs to inform workers and visitors of where smoking is prohibited. Our wide selection of signs includes messaging of "No Smoking," "No Vaping," "No Smoking Near Doors," and more.

Posting a no smoking sign will keep customers aware of guidelines at your business. If your facility is not completely smoke free, use signs or labels to help people find designated smoking areas while also staying compliant with local laws.

Where to Place ‘No Smoking’ Signs

There are all kinds of different local laws surrounding the subject of smoking. One of the most prevalent and practical rules is posting a no smoking sign at all entrances and inside enclosed spaces. This goes for both public places and places of employment. Posting these signs at direct eye level on walls is best as it is immediately visible to those walking past.

Material Options for ‘No Smoking’ Signs

Visual communication is a crucial tool in conveying important messaging, and Creative Safety Supply takes this task very seriously. Our no smoking signs are equipped with large, easy-to-read fonts, so they’ll be sure to demand the attention of passersby. These signs also come in OSHA-compliant headings, signal words, and have the no smoking symbol. We also have bilingual smoking signs!

Choose a durable material (like aluminum or PVC plastic) to ensure the longevity of the sign in any environment, no matter indoor or outdoor.

The Reason for a No Smoking Zone

Smoking is detrimental to one’s health, as we all know. But secondhand smoke also poses a risk to those who are around cigarette smoke. Giving the people who don’t participate in smoking a right to exist in a space without smoke is not only fair, but it also protects their health.

Secondhand smoke can also irritate those with already existing health problems such as asthma. Not only that, but inhaling secondhand smoke regularly increases that person’s chance of developing heart disease by 25-30%.

Visual Communication is Essential for Employee Health

Putting up smoke-free zone signs is essential for protecting the health of your employees. Visual communication such as this is excellent for reminding visitors to heed by those rules. With that being said, establishing the rules that prohibit smoking should be done from the very beginning to avoid bad habits from forming.

Custom ‘No Smoking’ Signs Available

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